Monday, October 20, 2008

What I would like to see Dion say today

Dion's Press Conference: Contrary to what those in the press have been claiming, I will not be resigning today but instead will put my fate in the hands of the grass roots of the Liberal party at the May convention. It is their decision and not the decision of some so called senior Liberals or insiders.

I have accepted the choice of Canadians in the election, and I would hope that my fellow Liberals can accept the choice of the Liberal delegates that selected me as leader. I look forward to working with the Harper government to make this parliament work for the good of our economy and the good of our country.

I am also here to announce that Joe Volpe has been kicked out of the Liberal caucus effective immediately, and will not think twice about adding a few more names if circumstances dictate.

Thank you, merci.

Do this Stephane and you will NEVER again have to face the "not a leader" label.


Jen said...

Or, Dion can tell his favourite MSM, you and my fellow liberals in my party put me here and here I will stay. Try to bring me down and by george, I will bring down those liberals who went against me.

Ardvark said...

If Dion started acting like a leader Rae and Iggy would back off in a heartbeat because it is not easy to run for the leadership of the LPC if you are kicked out of the party.

Dion deserves at least the minimal of respect in coming to his decision, and the LPC needs time to raise funds and heal. The Liberal back room boys think otherwise it would appear.

x2para said...

i'd like him to come out and say "I have to accept that Canadians have renounced carbon taxes, Kyoto & the cult of Al Gore"

Anonymous said...

I would like to finally give credit to the Equality Party in Quebec and also Stephen Harper for the most of the contents and impetus for the Clarity Bill.

I would urge the R.C.M.P. to start a widesweeping investigation of where the unity and sponsership money disappeared. Here are a few leads....

Finally my dog will now be called Global Cooling.