Thursday, October 16, 2008

First comes the endorsment, now comes the call for him to be replaced

The Toronto Star.

Then and Now

The Star has changed their headline as it turns out they were wrong, again.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Dion will quit today. "Not a quitter", eh?

Will the media bring this up as they would pound any conservative who did this.

Anonymous said...

Dion will still think about it apparently and will not quit today...Fine, stay Steph and take your time to think about it...6 months, a year? No Problem!
If your own little parallel universe lends you to believe you can win the next election by hoping the economy will sour enough that you can surplant Harper then stay. You can modify your Green tax into an economic tax...Yes, tax us more to create jobs Stephane. Your the only man that thinks it works: Is'nt that an advantage, being smarter than economists like Harper for example?

Back to the subject of the Red Star:

I will go put a comment in their section and hope it will be published on just that fact...Good observation Ardvark.

Posted by: The Right Honorable Terry Tory.

Anonymous said...

3 days ago every Liberal in the country was telling us that Dion was the best choice and deserved our votes. Today they are saying that he is not even fit to lead the Liberal party.

And some people wonder why there is such a low voter turnout in this country.