Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Paul Martin trying to rewrite history?

From the Star:(highlighting mine) Martin also writes that under the Conservatives, the military "bit off more than we can chew," by expanding its mission in Kandahar. As a result, reconstruction efforts were all but abandoned during the first year of the mission there. "We never envisaged a broad military campaign that would make reconstruction efforts more difficult."

"Under the Conservatives"?? Give me a break.

DND News release May 2005

CBC Time line.

CTV Story July 2005

The road to Kandahar.

Bill Graham on the Liberal plan.

John Manley on Martin sending our troops to Kandahar.

All the above found in about 2 minutes with a simple Google search.

Conservative Reporter has a much more detailed timeline here. Thanks =)

Is it like some kind of disease that Liberals get where they cannot ever take responsibility for their own actions and blame others, or do they just think Canadians are stupid and will believe anything they say?


Paul Martin said...

Please get your facts right. Taking over from the Americans in Kandahar Province was never to include taking over from the Americans in Kandahar Province.

Anonymous said...

Writing this book was Martin's most important priority, along with 60 other #1 priorities.

Accomplishing accuracy was not a priority.

Ardvark said...

Hiya Paul, thanks for dropping by.

I guess you couldn't really be expected to know just what the troops would be doing in Kandahar. After all you were just the Prime Minister; it is not like if you were, say the Finance Minister, and had an illegal multi-million dollar scam occurring under your nose or anything like that.

It is just so totally different.

St├ęphane Dion said...

This is not fair! You think it's ezzy to admit fault? M. Martin derserve of a do-over.

Anonymous said...

Jean Chretien still denies having anything to do with the Iraq war.

I guess King Jean doesn't think that a Navy is part of our Military.
Plus, one night on a US radio show I heard an American comment about the Military and he cited a item about Jean Chretien and John Manley.
Seems that there is a Document signed by Manley on behelf of canada and Chretien that allows us to avoid Iraq in exchange for denying Deserters a Refugee Claim in canada .
Yes folks , George Bush met with Chretien and struck a deal.
By denying Americans access to our Charter Of Rights as a Refugee fleeing Military service, it assure the US that Homeland Security can stay pat while canada keeps its Forces in N.A. and Afghanistan other than some Blue beret troops.

You can't be "A little pregnant" , and Jean can't claim our Navy isn't a Military force in the Gulf that aided the US to fight the Iraq war.

I still want to know why CSL ships got away with the 130lbs of Cocaine found by the RCMP and yet never charged anyone under the guise of the drugs being "Planted There" by smugglers.
Just try that excuse the next time you cross the borden in a car and they find 1/2 a joint in the ash tray and assume you are a smuggler.

Archie said...

Somebody needs to ask Paul Martin how many of our dead soldiers is he directly responsible for due to his cuts to the arm forces and sending them over there improperly equipped. How many of these people could of been saved if they had the proper training and equipment.

Then somebody should ask Martin how many soldiers have been saved because of the equipment the conservatives supplied them.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Archie,
The Libs sent our soldiers to Afghanistan without desert camouflage and with Iltus Jeeps for transportation and patrol duty.
The Iltus probably offerred less protection that do cavalry horses.
This was a classic case of criminal negligence at the very top of the government.


Anonymous said...

I tried to link to your post Ardvark but was unable to - here is a link to a post I wrote quite some time ago when Libs and others were making bold statements about Afghanistan.
here is the timeline of events
I was reminded of it when I saw your post. Maybe I will trot it back out again soon. Right at the moment I am going to put your link in this old post (for posterity) *winks*