Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dr. Dion's prescription for an ailing economy.

Take this green pill* and call me in 30 days.


*Pharmaceutical Monograph:

NOTE: Not recommended for use in bad economic times or to help the poor.

Side effects:

Will pull 40 billion dollars out of the pockets of Canadians.

May not harmonize with existing carbon taxes.

Will harm the auto and manufacturing sectors.

Will cause inflation.

Will not actually reduce CO2 or come close to meeting Kyoto targets.

Will not be revenue neutral.

Will put an unfair burden on Canadian business.

Will cause trading partners great discomfort and possibly spark a trade war.

Will cause the price of EVERYTHING to go up.

Will not create jobs and may in fact eliminate jobs.

Will increase the cost of gasoline.

May cause stock prices to tumble.

Will create much increased regional discomfort and possible spontaneous amputation of same.

Will not really do anything at all to help the economy, but will raise money for Liberal spending schemes.

Will harm those that can least afford it. (The poor and those on fixed incomes or pensions)

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