Monday, March 12, 2012

Redford's misleading attack ad. Where did the PC's get their numbers from?

Have you heard the PC attack ad against Danielle Smith and the Wildrose yet?

BTW: It is the very first time in PCAA history that they have EVER named an opposition party or its leader in an ad. Take a listen:

Quite a piece of work isn't it. Pure fear mongering that not only is a total misrepresentation and fabrication of the Wildrose position on impaired driving (more on this later) but they also used a number that cannot be found in any research, study, academic work or from any government agency; 300.

"Since 1998 300 Albertans have been killed by drivers who blew 0.08 or less."

Putting aside for a moment the ludicrous wording that 300 deaths were caused by ANY driver who blew less than 0.08, including the vast majority who had absolutely NO measurable amount of alcohol in their system,which would make the number much higher, the 300 number it turns out is the work of one solitary journalist.

The ruling PC's who have the resources of an entire government at their disposal, as well as Transport Canada information and others, decided not to use any government statistics/research and instead decided to use those of a journalist who said of the 300 number "the estimate is my own". Yes, an estimate!  Since I don't want to turn this into a dueling numbers thing I will just leave it by saying what should be obvious; the PCs didn't like what they found looking at their own governments data and went number shopping instead to find what they were looking for to fit their political motives, in this case the attack ad. If you want to look more at some numbers that actually came from a reliable source, Alberta Transport, take a look at this recent blog post from Rob Harvie at Searching for Liberty.

But the story doesn't get better for the PC's. Their campaign chair, Susan Elliot of deleting Facebook posts fame, did an interview the other day in which as Dave Rutherford described it; "Susan Elliot in fact was not telling the truth in the interview.Torquing the story, cranking it up. And she is now the spokesperson for the PC party."  Dave was being kind. Speaking as the voice of the PCAA, Elliot flat out lied in order to mislead Albertans for political purposes and in defense of a bad law that was written to pander for votes after a tragedy on Alberta roads. And now these lies will taint every other claim that the PC's will make in the upcoming election because if they will lie about this, they will lie about anything and probably everything. WTG Campaign Chair!

You can listen to the interview here:

I don't know about yourself but I hate being lied to and we can see the PCs have already shown that they are more than happy to do just that so they can remain in power and have more time at the taxpayer funded trough.

This is going to backfire on the PC's big-time. A desperate attempt to mislead the very people that they claim to represent into again casting a ballot for their party made worse by the fact that they are treating us like idiots who can't see through the easily proven lies and spin.

It is like Redford and the PC's don't think we are worthy of the truth.

Enough is enough. Redford and the PCs have to go; Albertans deserve better than this.

h/t to Rob Breakenridge, Colby Cosh, Matt Solberg.

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NeoLuddite said...

Got this idea of a political analogy from NDP leader-aspirant Thomas Mulcair's recent speech.

Two generations ago Peter Lougheed planted an acorn which he nurtured into a mighty oak tree.

His intent was to provide shelter from the elements and ensure personal enjoyment for all Albertans.

Sadly, when he handed over the arborist duties to his successors, things slowly began to go wrong.

The amateurs assumed that the tree would continue to thrive despite their occasional abuse and little or no nurturing.

Years of neglect are about to take their toll; the roots are weakened and the leaves are falling.

NeoLuddite said...

As the custodian of a 60 year old heritage oak tree (I don't "own" it - it owns me!) I offer these comments:

The oak tree needs regular care to be its very best and the strongest it can be: sunlight, water, free space and clean air. And it requires regular pruning to stimulate healthy growth.

All sadly missing in the Alberta Tory agenda.