Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun and games in Alberta politics leads to some serious questions ...

As Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk tweeted early this morning: "We are such an interesting province for politics." in reference to the Rob Anderson parking lot incident that seemed to not only consume the PC cheerleaders who are desperate for anything at all to talk about, but for our media as well who were all over the story and it was fun and games in Alberta politics. But when the dust settled some serious questions emerged. 

Who tipped off the media?

Recreating the timeline from media reports here is what we know:

The incident occurred Tuesday night at approx 7:30 PM in the parking lot at the Alberta Legislature.

On Wednesday the incident was known to the press who then spoke with Anderson about it.

But who tipped off the press?

This from The Edmonton Sun: "Solicitor-General Jonathan Denis said Wednesday he was aware there had been a parking issue. "I had heard outside that Mr. Anderson had an issue with parking in the premier's parking spot,"

This from the CBC: 'Solicitor General Jonathan Denis says Anderson was the aggressor in this case, according to the report filed by the sheriff.'   

This from the Edmonton Journal: 'Solicitor General Jonathan Denis informed media Wednesday morning about the incident,...'

Now isn't that interesting. Our Solicitor General, Jonathan Denis who is in charge of our Alberta's Sheriffs, apparently was the one who informed the media. But why would he do so? What made this event so special that it was even brought to the attention of the Solicitor General in the first place, considering no charges were laid or fines issued, and even if it was brought to his attention was it appropriate or common practice to tip off the media about details which IMHO should have been confidential?

While I doubt that I we will get any answers to those questions, as it appears to be just some of those Alberta political games being played where someone has a gotcha moment over an opponent, buried in the Journal story is this very interesting line that calls for more than just a simple answer:

'... the sheriff said in her incident report, obtained by the Journal.'

Yes, you read that right. The Sheriffs incident report, that we know from media reports that the Solicitor General had himself read, was somehow obtained by the Journal from someone within the building which not only houses the Alberta Legislature, but also the offices of the Solicitor General who has ministerial responsibility over our Alberta Sheriffs.

So now a more important question:

Minister Denis, are you planning to investigate who leaked the sheriffs incident report to the press and how such a leak occurred under your very nose from within the building in which you work?

This is not fun and games anymore.


thymara said...

from the Journal
“Rob said in a raised voice, wide eyes, and pointing his finger at me, ‘I will be talking to your supervisor about you and your job here,’”
Can I assume that since you've made no comment on the bullying nature of the comment that only PC matters to you?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Anderson just apologize for being rude to the sheriff instead of blaming others for his own actions?

Ardvark said...

It's dumb move on Anderson's part without a doubt, but having a verbal yelling match w/ a 'cop' is not something new. Just ask the last one who gave me a ticket.

Not trying at all to whitewash this, just find it interesting that a report in existence for less than 24 hrs finds its way into the hands of the media and after the media were apparently tipped off about the story by a minister.

Robert G. Harvie said...

Good post AA.

There is a certain arrogance in the PC Party regarding pesky things like privacy issues and the solicitor-general being allowed to use the knowledge gained from his staff as a political tool.

NeoLuddite said...

Under a premier's iron fist, our representatives quiver.

Party discipline is so strong that the premier runs the show, with virtually all advice coming from unelected advisers.

Full article:

NeoLuddite said...

Apparently Alison Redford has used the word "rule" Alberta more than once during media interviews. Now there is a difference between ruling and governing - one is the divine right of kings and the other is the democratic way. Seems Redford couldn't be bothered to understand the fundamental difference between the two.

A simple faux-pas or Freudian slip?

Subtleties of speech can expose the real ideology of even the most articulate - And even when casually parsed Redford's talk is very telling and disturbing.

In any event her agenda should be cause for concern - If Albertans aren't careful we could well end up with our very own Nurse (Nanny) Ratched.