Friday, March 02, 2012

31,000 contacts to Election's Canada on Robo Calls. I think I, and the NDP, might know why.

It was all over the media this morning. Reports of 31,000 complaints* to Elections Canada on Robo Calls. (*While it was clarified that it was 31,000 contacts and not complaints, the media ran with it often repeating the "complaints" line rather than the fact that they were contacts and not complaints)

What you didn't hear about from our ever vigilant media is just where those 'contacts' may have came from.

Take a look at this page from and take a good look at the number of "messages sent" to Elections Canada.  See something interesting?

8 hrs after the 31,000 number appears it now reads upward of 36,000. ALL of which have been sent to Elections Canada and if you read the wording of the email that will be sent when you click, it is definitely not a complaint of robo calling. 

Oh and while you are there be sure to look at their about page. It looks like what you might find on a list for an NDP strategy meeting.

Tuesday Mar 06 Update:

 Ezra Levant comments on the numbers. Note the Elections Canada quote where they use "contacts" and how many media outlets used the word "complaints". Even my local radio station used 'complaints'. But why?  Where did this meme start and why didn't anyone bother to check the rather short Elections Canada statement against the copy?

Brian Lilley same subject but digs deeper into the ties.

Google search for: '31,000 "complaints" to elections..." yields 31,430,000 results!  ALL of them factually wrong!


Anonymous said...

just another troop of neo-marxist students who have probably failed at everything involved with making an honest living. no doubt they are looking for jobs as Acorn North. just cut to the chase lads and do what every other person with no marketable skills and penchants for laziness do: look for public service employment.

brad maynard

Platty said...

Ah yes, Ian "baby head" Capstick, regular on CBC P And P, front and center with this group.

Nuff' said...


UsualSuspect said...

Spamming EC with thousands of robo-complaints undermines the effort of EC to investigate properly while turning this important issue into just another political circus. hard to take any of this seriously now.

Anonymous said...

i see Robin Sears on the list... he's an NDP on CTV Don Martins show.
Also, Election Canada said, of the 31,000 "CONTACTS" NOT COMPLAINTS....calls could of been doubled up...same person calling twice.These we emails, phone calls and letters.They notified CBC after their false reporting.
Someone should sue CBC now.

Ontario Girl

Anonymous said...

Why of course, the whole thing *must* be due to the Liberals and the NDP. There's no way a political party that muzzles scientists, forces closure on debate and holds "in camera" secret meetings to make policy would ever engage in voter suppression on a massive scale! Clearly a simple smear campaign. Clearly.

frmgrl said...

Ardvark,send what you have to Sunnews. In particular,Ezra Levant,Brian Lilley or Michael Coren. They just may pick it up.

Anonymous said...

@ anon3:53;
never let facts (or in this case, lack of them) get in the way of a good old drive-by smear. talk about taking our political arena to fresh new lows.
BTW, if climate scientists were actually interested in the truth and not worrying about their next govt grant, people and our govt might actually listen to them.

brad maynard

Bec said...

Count me as 6 personally.....and count my complaints from recipients of my calls as a volunteer as 3 VERY angry people.

My question to them NOW is WHY did you answer that call? The call display clearing showed where I was calling from......
Deduction? Some people just need to whine and bi+ch! Human nature is an interesting science and as we are seeing from the freaky leftoids, they have not adjusted to the results of this election.
They wanted their coalition and have no purpose otherwise.

Ardvark said...

Hyperbolic rhetoric and inflating numbers is not going to help the left or the media win supporters.

Anonymous said...

Tides, NDP, Obambi's boy--wow, definitely leftists, marxists and AMERICAN. Yes, please send to Ezra--he would love this.

frmgrl said...

Yes, please send to Ezra--he would love this.

I agree. As I stated above I strongly urge you to send this to Ezra or anyone at Sunnews. This information needs to get out to the masses. A lot of people don't read the blogs. Sun media is the only media out there that is truly trying to sift through all the noise and get to the truth.

Blame Crash said...

This is the same old underhandedness from the same old crooked Liberals and the Media Fraud accomplices.
Their schemes are the same-old too. This plot to frame the Conservatives with the very same thing that they themselves are conspiring to do against the millions of Canadians who voted Conservative and to democracy itself, are going to crash and burn just like all their other dark schemes these machinator’s have hatched.

Joseph said...

How exactly is the opposition supposed to gain anything out of this again?

I have no doubt that crank calls are always made, all the time even when an there isn't an election. So I ask, who would gain from this?
But instead of jumping to the conclusion the goal was vote suppression, what if it was something else?
Considering the benefit that could be derived weighed against the losses incurred if found out, doing something like this would never be an acceptable risk to any of the parties. However, if the goal was to cause chaos, getting caught would not be a deterrent, as a matter of fact it may also be part of a plan....if we accept the accusations that this was an organized conspiracy.
Of all people, Harper would have the most to lose, and the least to gain, to believe he would have directed this type of amature stunt doesn't make sense. Nor would any of the other parties for the same reasons.
Its my belief that if this is an organized conspiracy, it was done to cause damage to the electoral process. This discovery of leadnow seems to suggest the same type of objectives as the anarchists at the G20, they also did not care if there was a cause or goal of the protests, it only mattered to prove the system was broke......isn't that the same crass actions that OWS used?
The cause could be anything, it does not matter. What matters is to get folks worked up and convinced our democratic institutions are not working.
Ive seen a lot of those names when the G20 protests where on, and during the occupy movements.
Here's a couple, Glen Pearson, Maude Barlow.
How long before Sid makes an appearance?

UsualSuspect said...

Did you notice that little check box before sending the form letter? Basically, if you forget to uncheck it, you just signed up for a lifetime of robomails and robocalls from the NDP! Incredible.

Sean M said...

Anyone see the Librano site? They're begging for "donations"... and who says a carefully planned smear campaign, complete with media compliance doesn't pay off. Wow, Trudeaus country sure is a grotesque, hideous beast... is it not?

Brett said...

Ezra was talking about this when the so-called scandal broke. Lead On's website was up and running then and Ezra was naming all the NDP affiliated people involved in it. It is amazing how quickly this website with its "poll" was up and running when the story broke.

robins111 said...

I think that anyone who's messing with this investigation should be charged with obstruct justice.

Second, anyone who claims that they were unable to vote in Guelph, because a robo-call told them to vote in Moosanee, deserves it. In additionif they're that stupid.. you just gotta know they're dippers..

I personally think this faux-scandal is a creature of the dippers.. just using the libs as the Simon Legree,

Anonymous said...

Richard Suzzman was just on Sun News TV. He was heading over to a rally in downtown Vancouver lead by

LEAD NOW.CA with Liberals and NDP and Bob Rae is supposed to be there along with other NDP. He said they want a full public elections in 50 ridings...and the 2011 election wiped clean.

Ontario Girl

Anonymous said...

The Vancouver protest attracted only 200 mostly union folks according to local newscasts. BC Teachers, BC Federation of Labour, NDP MP´s and staff, Liberal MP´s and staff, homeless activists and other admitted leftists.

Evidently these people are very very very concerned about robocalling.

Elections Canada´s May 11th report stated 1,000 complaints/contacts from the election.

Nine months later 30,000 more people remembered all of a sudden a computer call that threatened to melt their ability to think.

Oh and Elections Canada´s website does not utilize a Captcha to verify an individual´s submission. Therefore a submission can be repeated every five seconds from the very same computer. Hmmmm.

haselcheck said...

Usually when I accuse someone of committing an evil act it's because I did it before.....Like...WHO FARTED ????