Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Under pressure, Premier Redford orchestrates her own "stunt" on committee pay.

The Wildrose gets results!

In a total reversal of her previous position it was announced earlier today that that Premier Record would be forcing the PC MLAs who sat on the infamous no-meet committee, that Redford herself sat on but didn't even know, to pay back the money they were paid for being on the committee that has not met since November 17, 2008. But only for the last 6 months, which happens to be the same amount of time that Redford has been the PC leader; I guess taking 'money for nothing and the cheques for free' wasn't a problem before October.

While not the first flip flop on this issue for Redford this one is going to be much harder to spin due to her previous attempts at damage control, which have apparently failed badly.

When asked on March 11 if she was going to make her MLAs refund the money she stated that she would not and that "It's a personal decision." if they wanted to refund the money.

And in the Alberta Legislature she had these, now empty, words:  "I find it terribly interesting that a number of people in this house, who today have come up with a convenient stunt to try and polarize an issue, are people who were fully aware of what they were receiving for payment and did nothing about it until today, we will do exactly what I've committed to doing, which is to have an independent commission make a recommendation to not only how government members are paid, but all members in the legislature."

Wow. A total flip flop from the Premier who has said on many occasions that she is honest and stands by her word. Those internal polls must not be going exactly the way that Stephen Carter said they would.

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Pissedoff said...

Sounds to me that she is as honest as McGuinty who being a true liberal is a thieving lying bastard.

Calgary Junkie said...

Here is the raw video of Tory Whip Robin Campbell speaking to reporters at the Alberta legislature today on this issue.

This all speaks to Redford's weak leadership. It stems from the weak mandate she got from the PC membership, and the endorsment of only one MLA during the leadership race.

Kudos to the Canadian Taxpayers Association, for picking out and promoting a really good, easily understandable waste of tax dollars.

I have the sense that there is a very capable "Daniell's Team", led by Tom Flanagan, who is leveraging his many connections within "Harper's Team", and has a lot more surprises in store for Redford.