Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Alberta PC campaign is running scared and after yesterday it is clear why.

Former Ralph Klein COS Rod Love wrote in a blog posting titled "Three weeks of hell":
 I haven’t been in government for a while, but I sure know a bad few weeks when I see it.
And the question a lot of provincial Tories are asking themselves is:  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN EDMONTON??? (Be sure to read the entire post. It is an eye opener and a good primer on what is wrong with the PCs)

I wonder what Mr. Love has to say about the disaster that Wednesday was?

A recap:

First up we found out that their has been a government committee where 21 members have been receiving $1,000/month to sit on a committee that has not met since 2008. The money spent has cost Alberta taxpayers $261,000 over the past year alone.That is bad enough but to make matters worse PC Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA Genia Leskiw sounded almost foolish when she answered questions, or tried to, on the matter.  You seriously have to listen to this nonsense.

Next up we learned that patronage is still alive and well within the PCAA as already failed candidate for Calgary-Hawkwood and money man for Redford's leadership campaign, Farouk Adatia was appointed as the PC candidate for Calgary-Shaw.  With the recent shenanigans in Calgary-West with former AHS superboard head and Redford pal Ken Hughes, I am surprised that they would be so blatant with this appointment, but when it comes to arrogance the PCs are second to none.

And finally we have what has to be topper of the day and confirmation that the PC's are running scared as news broke of the PC ad campaign, which as Don Braid noted "The Tories haven’t done anything like this before – not ever, not once in the long period since they were elected on Aug. 30 1971" directed squarely at the Wildrose where they purposely misrepresent the Wildrose position on Bill 26 and fear monger purely for votes. And all of this after PC Campaign Manager Susan Elliot  claimed that they would not run attack ads.

The PC spin on this is unbelievable. They want us to think that they are so concerned about impaired driving that they decided to run political ads on it but yet DO NOT plan on implementing the law until September. The fact that Premier Redford promised that the law would be in place by Christmas of 2011 has of course been completely forgotten in their attempt to again use this as a political wedge to their advantage.

The PC for the first time in 40 yrs are running scared and judging by their failed record on health, electricity, the budget, along with Redford's many broken promises, and mishandled communications (this in spite of recently doubling the communications staff in the Premiers office) it is easy to see why. They are in trouble and they know it.   As I noted last week, we can expect them to lash out even more and the nastiness to increase as the reality of their situation becomes more apparent . Which probably means tomorrow because no one is buying their BS anymore.

A bit on Bill 26. It is flawed legislation for a number of reasons:

The legal limit in the criminal code is 0.08.

Police become the judge and jury and can take your license and seize your vehicle without appeal or due process at the roadside.

It does nothing to improve enforcement of existing law and in fact may do the opposite as limited police resources will now be tied up dealing with people who are not doing anything illegal.

If existing law, including losing your license for 1yr, heavy fines and insurance increases, are not deterring drunk driving, how can one expect that another piece of paper will manage to do so?

Put simply it is bad law written to make the Redford government appear that they are doing something about a serious issue. Having them delay it until September (so they have something to use against the Wildrose?) puts all of their spin about it being a safety issue into the BS pile.

A comment made on this blog a while back sums it up nicely: The PC's argument for Bill 26 seems to be that we are not currently catching enough impaired drivers so lets lower the limit and create even more.

Think about it.

And think about it again when you are at the ballot box.


Update: Some related reading.

Searching for Liberty has a interesting look at the real numbers.< good job with this one.

It's our money.

The PC's are a well oiled machine.


Bec said...

You bet they are arrogant, the whole bunch of them and it starts at the top.

I bet they are wishing now they had gone sooner rather than later,hmm? But then the Premier designate wouldn't have been able to enjoy that big desk and the power and perks.

They need to go and the 'house' needs a few windows opened to let in some fresh air.

Robert G. Harvie said...


It strikes me as highly ironic (as I posted today) that we have a government who appears to be in contempt of the legislature..

And the Committee which would appear to be most responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on that contempt - is actually getting paid $870,000.00 to NOT DO just that.

jad said...

Given the problems that a similar bill against impaired drivers has run into in BC, it's beyond me why another provincial government would try to go down the same track. The courts have set aside a number of provicions of the BC bill primarily because the police become judge and jury, so it's essentially ineffective, and I cannot imagine the Alberta courts would be any different.

Calgary Junkie said...

Rutherford today started interviewing independent, retiring MLA (and former CHQR radio host), Dave Taylor, about "the committee that didn't meet, but it's members still got paid."

Then, at the end of the first hour, at around 9:55 am:

... We NOW find out that the AD, that the radio stations have been TOLD to run, is NOT that one [the negative anti-Wildrose ad].

It is a much SOFTER,a much more MILD, POSITIVE ad, that the PCs are going to tell you, about loving puppies, and taking care of everybody in the province ...

Whether the PCs have changed their campaign tactics already, I don't know ...

Audio Vault

This is all good, of course. The Redford PCs are more and more coming across as incompetent. Add in that this slippery woman can't be trusted, and they are looking very vulnerable, going into a campaign, when voters are paying a lot closer attention.

Robert G. Harvie said...

Something else to consider.

Of all fatalities, only 8.8% involve drivers with alcohol rates under .08.

In fact - 77.5% of deaths didn't relate to alcohol at all.

But.. for drivers over 65, there is a 37.8% higher liklihood of being involved in a traffic fatality.


Why is it that we pass draconian laws limiting our rights and freedoms for a factor that, really, is relatively negligable, but do nothing, effectively, to answer what appears to be, statistically, a much higher risk of killing people.. and who, coincidentlaly, happen to be our strongest demographic supporters?


WTF said...

Ontario has a law like this and it has been in effect for almost 20 years, maybe more. The difference is that you get a 24 hour suspension of your licence. No fine. Still don't agree with it but there is no punitive, relatively as compared to Alberta, penalty.

Blame Crash said...

These PC characters are totally punch drunk and the opening bell hasn't even been rung. You just have to know that all the PC's big-money vested interests are having major conniptions right now. They’re on the phone right this second telling all their connections in the party to abort the spring election.
I can hear them now “ABORT! ABORT!! ABORT!!!”
And knowing how liberals love that word so much, you just know that she’ll say yes.

NeoLuddite said...

Leaders are chosen voluntarily by people who are inspired by their vision, while masters are imposed on people who have little or no choice in the matter and would prefer to just be left alone.

Masters will use force and intimidation on others so their commands will be obeyed, leaders have no interest in obedience and have no time to bark out orders; they are too busy hacking through the jungle clearing a path for the rest of us.

Given how Redford gained power and her subsequent contemptuous actions I propose that the term "Leadership race" be amended to "Master race."

OOPS! - That didn't sound too good