Thursday, March 29, 2012

Redford flip flops again. Desperation on committee pay issue boils over.

Premier Redford has flip flopped again on the committee pay issue as she announced today that PC MLAs on the infamous no-meet committee MUST pay back all the money they were paid.

A sad history of Redford's so called "real life leadership" on the issue:

Story breaks March 8th and Redford claims she that she was unaware of the situation: "I did not know," she said  “This, to me, is a ridiculous situation. It isn’t the way Albertans want politicians to be paid."  "It is not right"

March 9th: The truth comes out and she gets caught in a lie when we learn that she sat on that very same committee from Oct 09 until Feb 2010.

March 11th: Avoiding any leadership, Redford says that it is up to each individual member of her caucus to give back money they were paid for being on a committee that failed to meet for 39 months. It’s a personal decision,”  She will NOT make anyone pay the money back.

March 12th: The first big flip flop as Redford changes her mind and announces that it is no longer is a personal decision and  that pay for committee work has been suspended for Tory members.

Also worth noting is that Redford called opposition MLAs giving the money back a "stunt"   "I find it terribly interesting that a number of people in this house, who today have come up with a convenient stunt to try and polarize an issue, are people who were fully aware of what they were receiving for payment and did nothing about it until today, we will do exactly what I've committed to doing, which is to have an independent commission make a recommendation to not only how government members are paid, but all members in the legislature.

March 20th: Under pressure PC MLAs ( but not all of them) announce that they will be giving back pay from no-meet committee, but only 6 months worth, the time which Redford was Premier. On which Redford said "I can't revisit the past,"

March 26th: Writ dropped and election called. PC use smear poll to find out why they are losing voters by the thousands.

March 27th: Redford goes all revisionist history and says that: "And I say again, I was the first person to identify (the committee) as an issue, and as soon as I became leader I took steps to correct it."  This in spite of her not knowing a thing about the committee back on the 9th.

March 29th: Redford flip flops on her flip flop and orders her MLA's to return the money. Forgetting that there are PC MLAs from that committee who will not ever pay back a single penny. (Snelgrove and Prins anyone?) and that she really does not have the authority to make these changes.  Its a Hail Mary but I believe the public won't buy it and will see it for the desperate political stunt that it is. 

March 30th: Dissension in the ranks. Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills MLA Richard Marz is not too happy with the way the Premier has handled this and questions why she should pay back some of the 30% (34% actually) that Redford voted to give herself in 2008.

Which brings up the question: If Redford's cabinet gets $3,500/month in lieu of committee pay, why shouldn't they return some of it?


PC MLA Genia Leskiw on the no-meet committee:

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maryT said...

How will she handle the info coming today that she was denied citizenship in S. Africa, or the work she did for the UN many years ago. Chasing apple pie has the story.
Redford: Yes. When I lived in South Africa in 1995, I applied for citizenship. And they turned me down.

Bec said...

This is pretty disturbing and should not be dismissed by Albertans.
I think the PC's took Albertans for granted, were not that organized and have proven themselves to be real lousy communicators, not just to us but to each other.
Right now they look a lot like the keystone kops. That is the last thing we want in this Province and Alison needs to wear that. As a leader, you should look and behave like one. She does not and frankly I was looking for the right word to describe what I sense when I listen to her and it is, poor communicator.

Enkidu said...

Yet another example of Alisons 'steady hand on the tiller'. Firmly leading us whichever way the wind blows.

Ardvark said...

Too little too late IMHO and the ONLY reason Redford is even considering it is because her disgusting push poll told her how bad this is for the PC's.

NeoLuddite said...

Danielle Smith got it only partially right when she stated that Redford "Doesn't like Alberta." Truth be known Redford really loves Alberta! Now that progressives and liberals from away virtually outnumber Albertans who've done all the heavy lifting Redford proposes to remould Alberta in her image and set the table with the same fare that the migrants are used to but sought to escape.

Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me.

wilson said...

Redford's 'real life leadership',
have a push poll to decide right from wrong.

We've seen enough. Redford is not worth the risk.

hunter said...

I got called last week about who I was voting for, and if I agreed with the MLA's only paying back 6 months...I strongly disagreed. So now a week later, she is finally changing her mind again? She sure is out of touch.

Ardvark said...

Hunter did you get that nasty Stephen Carter push poll?

What a piece of work that was.