Monday, January 09, 2012

Susan Elliot, campaign manager for Alberta PC's & Alison Redford, meet the internet.

The following is a now deleted Facebook posting made January 6th, 2012 by Susan Elliot "campaign manager 2012 for PC Alberta and Premier Alison Redford". (highlighting mine)

"Susan Elliot
is disappointed that PM Harper today appointed a Senator from Alberta, knowing full well that at least six people from two parties are actively campaigning for the job, with a vote to be held within a few months. While the list he chose from may be technically valid, it is 7 years old. It is disrespectful to urge provinces to hold a vote, and when they schedule one, to act in advance of it being held."

 Welcome to the internet Susan. It never forgets.

Speaking of disrespectful:

The richness of a PC mouthpiece calling PM Harper disrespectful while ignoring the facts that it was her party, where Alison Redford was cabinet minister and cheerfully agreed with the policy that 'postponed' the last senate election scheduled in 2010 and arbitrarily extended the terms of those elected senators by 3 years until December 2013, (The reasoning spin was that it was to save money, but the real reasons are well known.) is one thing, but deleting it from the internet in a brazen attempt to make it disappear in the name of partisan politics reeks of the arrogance that has overtaken the Alberta Progressive Conservatives and insults our intelligence.

This crap is pure political hackery. It really is time for a change in this province.

Bonus: More love from a PC supporter.

@Pjhwalsh tweeted: @PrairieStorm2 @brockwharrison @crockatteer @susan_elliott I'm not sure but I think that was the slogan for the SS 

Yes. SS

In reply to PrairieStorm2: @BrockWHarrison @Crockatteer @Pjhwalsh @susan_elliott Good on you Brock. #pcaa can run but they can't hide from the scrutiny of #wrp.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The PCs sure hate Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Ardvark said...

That comment is almost as ridiculous as what Elliot wrote.

Ardvark said...

Calling those that disagree with you the SS and blaming Prime Minister Harper for following their rules.

Text book examples of: You know they are scared when...

Calgary Junkie said...

Good catch AA !

When Stelmach cancelled our scheduled Senate elections, and gave his ridiculous spin on why he did it, I was almost as outraged as when the three stooges attempted their coalition coup.

Wildrose quickly dashed off a donation letter to me, so they obviously understood how their supporters would react to Stelmach's stunt.

Redman should me smoked out on how she much she believes in senate elections.

wilson said...

The PC Red Team is such an arrogant bunch.

The Government of Canada sets the NATIONAL agenda, not Allison Redford and her band of lefties.

Robert G. Harvie said...

Good post and good heads up AA..

And why wouldn't Alison Redford and her new crew be upset with the PM.. when their ideology is more consistent with Bob Rae than any conservative PM except, maybe, Joe Who.

Ardvark said...

The similarity between the PC's and the federal Liberals (when they were last in government)is uncanny, right up to the strategy of trying to smear conservatives (real ones unlike Redford and most of the PCAA)as being scary.

Just for their arrogance alone I hope the PCAA meets the same fate.

fernstalbert said...

Tut, tut, Alison - your "Tory Red Roots" are showing. The only reason this is a problem is because the federal Liberals own our dear Premier. When and if she sticks up for Alberta, then I will believe the words coming out of her mouth and campaign staff. Better to appoint elected Senators than wannabe Albertans who bleat the David Suzuki line about this province. That would be the so embrassing, Liberal appointed loser, Grant Mitchell. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

my, my the Alberta pc spinners are in full flower - to listen to the so-called Senator Mitchell from Alberta wax on about Suzuki/Dion versions of the "tar" sands, makes one wonder why PM Harper waited so long to fill these vacancies - congrats to Unger etc

wilson said...

Kinsella advises that Clark and Redford should pick a fight with PM Harper :

Can't wait to see what grand deal Redford makes with Charest this week.....

maryT said...

Red Ali campaigned on raising AISH by 400.00/month. Still waiting but the teachers got their money within hours.
Could she live on 1188.00/month.
The PM could not appoint our elected senator till there was a vacancy.

Anonymous said...

It's incredibly offensive how negative the Wildrose is getting. This is why they won't get a single seat in the next election. People have had enough of their extremism.

Ardvark said...

Susan, is that you? No, couldn't be, since would rather delete things or just ignore them and pretend they never happened than give a response.

BTW Anon: I take it you never read the SS comment from, I believe, the campaign manager for Dale Galbraith is Calgary Currie? That takes offensive and extreme to the next level.