Sunday, January 15, 2012

The future under Alison Redford?

(coming soon to a local paper near you)
A family celebration took a strange twist yesterday for an Alberta Family:

A mother was fined  yesterday for smoking while her 18 year old son present with her in the car.

She had just picked up her son, a private in the Canadian Armed Forces, after he had recently returned from duty in Afghanistan as part of Canada's ongoing training of the Afghan Army when police stopped her and issued the fine. The 2 were headed to a family gathering celebrating the sons return and the mother had just informed her son that he would not be able to drink any alcohol at the celebration due to recent changes to Alberta's drinking age brought in by Premier Alison Redford who maintains that "Albertans have asked us to do this" and added "Won't somebody please think of the children!" 

To make matters worse the mother who during the incident had become distraught called her husband who was already at the celebration only minutes away, but when he arrived police seized his vehicle and took his licence after he had blown a 0.05 on a roadside device. Pleas to the officers that he had only had one drink and had finished it less that 5 minutes previous to blowing fell upon deaf ears as he watched his work vehicle being towed away.

When asked for comment the Son said "WTF, is this really Alberta?"


Think such a scenario is impossible? Think again.

Banning smoking in cars + Raising the legal drinking age to 19  = what you read above becoming a real possibility.  As for Bill 26, we need not look beyond our neighbours in BC to see what kind of problems we can expect to see soon here in Alberta.

Is this really the Alberta we want?  It is time for a change.

Monday update: Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security Jonathan DenisTweeted:

"No changes to Alberta's drinking age. #ableg"

Good, but I have this nagging feeling that this was a trial balloon and that raising the drinking age was indeed on Redford's radar.


wilson said...

this is a google translation,
kiss up to charest or a sign of things to come?:

Premier of Alberta took the opportunity to declare it had no objection to the transfer of data from the register of firearms that Ottawa wants to destroy.

.... "This is not information that we want, but I can respect the discussion and the position of the province of Quebec," said Dr. Redford.

Ardvark said...

Yup, our Premier is happy to have the private personal info of Albertans handed over to the Government of Quebec. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, this b*tch needs to be stopped today. Before she does any more damage. VOTE WILDROSE!!!

hunter said...

Good one Ardvark. We need to get Albertans informed, and quickly.

Ardvark said...

The power of incumbency is a powerful thing, but for the first time in many many years I am starting to see that Albertans are tired of the PCs and are looking for change.

Anonymous said...

I moved from Ontario to Alberta in 1978 and thought this province was truly Nirvanna because it lacked the "daddy knows best" attitude of my home province. I am beginning to feel that I have been transported back to the Ontario of my nightmares. As much as I hate the cold, it is perhaps time to cast an eye toward taking up residence in the Territories.

Bec said...

Something that I am finding additionally arrogant is the flashy MAILOUTS from a simple PC nominee for my riding.
We don't have a PC membership any longer and I know how this particular candidate has been able to get so up close and personal with us.

As well, where is the $$$ coming from for this person to spend like this for the nomination? It's mindboggling!

They have to go and I hope that Allison leads the pack with the exit.

Anonymous said...

the idiot cop who wrote the ticket should have his/her ass kicked. i hate all statists and all those who are condemming us to a life of government servitude.

Calgary Junkie said...

There's no doubt about it ... this woman will sell out Albertans on just about anything. Her comments about the gun registry can only be directed at voters with a Liberal mindset.

This reminds of shortly after Stelmach won the leadership, and he introduced the new oil & gas royalty regime, and he called it: "Getting our fair share". My immediate reaction was: "WTF ?!? ... is this guy a DIPPER ???"

For this woman to essentially join forces with Charest against Harper , when she didn't have to is very revealing. Her proper response was something like: "The gun registry data is an issue between Mr. Charest and Mr. Harper, yadda, yadda ..."

This woman could be the next Kim Campbell ... not nearly as good a politician as the female loving media hoped for. Only a campaign will tell.

Blame Crash said...

Albatross Redford and the PST Party of Alberta must have a achilles heel!
They just must!
It's on the tip of my tongue but I just can't put a name to it ......yet.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely the Alberta we want, and need. I was considering voting Wildrose but now am definitely going PC. Thanks for this.

Ardvark said...

You go girl!

and you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

This is much more than just a bill about DUI. It’s a blunt expansion of unfettered government. Redford can move on legislation like this
because DUI is a social taboo. The inference is too strong in too many minds that opposing government initiatives on DUI - however misguided - somehow condones it. Redford is using taboos to condition Albertans into accepting yet more governmental power and even more future subservience.

Anonymous said...

She wears a PC mask but underneath it she is a true blue Liberal!!! Vote Wildrose!!