Friday, January 06, 2012

The CBC Ombudsman essentially finds police chief Blair to be a liar.

The title pretty much sums it up.

CBC Ombudsman report on Rob Ford's 911 call. (PDF)

"Resolution of such a dispute requires an impartial investigation. In view of the fact the Toronto Police Service depends on budget deliberations headed by the mayor, and in view of the fact this year’s police budget that averted layoffs was reached only in the week before this incident, I concluded CBC could not rest on Blair’s account. Not only were its sources adamant about their information, the chief was not a disinterested party."

"I did not find a violation of CBC Journalistic Standards"

Call me crazy but taking the word of an anonymous source(s), who may or may not have heard ANYTHING (because CBC refuses to tell us who they are) over the Chief of Police for the City of Toronto who we know has heard the tapes and has publicly said so, does not sound like high journalistic standards to me.

BC Blue has an update here: Police spokesperson Mark Pugash: “Chief Blair listened to the calls, the CBC did not. Chief Blair’s account is accurate and truthful, he stands by what he said, and Mr. LaPointe’s suggestion that the ongoing budget process makes the chief  ‘not a disinterested party’ is completely wrong” Link.

The Toronto Sun has the story here.

late update: OPP commissioner listens to tapes, confirms Blair's account and further makes the CBC look incompetent for standing by the obviously wrong story.   

If there was ever any doubt the CBC had its own agenda, this should remove those doubts.


Alain said...

The arrogance of this publicly funded spin in lieu of news outfit never ceases to amaze. The sooner it is privatised the better.

Pissedoff said...

Guess the CBC ombudsman as also learned to speak bullsh*t. A lot of ir around at the cbc

Anonymous said...

So the police chief can't be trusted because he is paid by the mayor... Who pays the ombudsman?

Bec said...

What a shockingly arrogant statement......oh ya, it's the CBC, case closed!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

It's difficult to interpret that statement from the Ombudsman any other way other than to say that Mother-corps doesn't believe Bill Blair.

But to be honest, did we ever seriously believe CBC could hold itself to account in a responsible way? I just hate that our taxes are used to fund that kind of slimy garbage.

Martin said...

I am not surprised by the finding, although shocked that the police chief's word can be so easily dismissed. by an unaccountable public official. Does Chief Blair have any legal recourse against Kirk LaPointe? Probably not. Can anyone recall LaPointe ever finding for a compainant against the CBC?

Anonymous said...

Guilty as hell until proven innocent I guess.
The CBC can tell any lie, and it's up to the unwashed Canadian taxpayers they smear to prove their innocence.
Funny how socialism always ends up like that.

Speaking of bias and influence and such, does the fact that the liberal party promises to increase the CBC budget affect their coverage of political events in this country?

Ardvark said...

Martin, here is one example of where the Ombudsman did find the CBC at fault. Albertaardvark 1, CBC 0.