Monday, January 23, 2012

More illegal donations from AHS to the Alberta Progressive Conservative party...

You have to wait hours before even seeing a doctor in our emergency rooms and months to see a specialist. They think nothing of putting Granny on a stretcher and parking her as the third patient in room designed only to hold 2 patients after waiting a day in the emergency department.

But yet they have the time and extra money to donate to Redford's PC party.

Calgary Laboratory Services, which describes itself as a “wholly-owned subsidiary” of the Superboard, donated $3,000 to the PCs in 2004 and $850 in both 2009 and 2010, according to Elections Alberta disclosure statements.

CLS was incorporated in 1996 with the former Calgary Health Region (CHR) as the 49% owner and MDS Kasper Laboratories as the majority owner. Before 2006, MDS sold 25% of its share to CHR and on April 4, 2006 sold its remaining 25% to CHR – making the Alberta government through CHR the sole owner of Calgary Lab Services

Update: Donations confirmed by Alberta Health Services Chief Financial Officer: Chris Mazurkewich, the Chief Financial Officer of AHS, admitted this morning that the donations took place, were wrong and AHS would begin an internal investigation immediately.

This is beyond believable that this type of thing can occur in Alberta, but after 40 yrs of 1 party rule it is inevitable.

We need a change of government now. It is the only thing that will stop the rot.


Anonymous said...

Protecting the incompetence monopoly and gravy train.

Frances said...

One good thing last week - the former AHS head, Ken Hughes, is NOT the nominee for the Calgary-West constituency. I guess there's a limit to the gulibility of the local PC's in that riding.

Bec said...

The regional breakdown, gender and age specifics were pretty much a 2X4 to the head for me.

I just don't get Edmonton for example. What has to happen, what entitled thing do these guys have to do in order for Edmonton to tramp on the gravy train?

As I have said in a previous post, one of our PC nomination candidates has demonstrated to me how entitled these people think they are. Acquiring our information the way it was, soliciting and assuming our support is the height of arrogance.
This behaviour pretty much sums up the attitude of this entire mess of progessives who pretend to be conservative in AB.