Monday, February 13, 2012

Make that 51.

 (see update below, it seems the liberals jumped the gun as did I)

Seems that the illegal donation scandal plaguing the Alberta Progressive Conservatives has no end in sight.

Today my friends* in the Alberta Liberal Party released another example of illegal donations received by the PC party, this time from the Town of Penhold: "At a council meeting held on September 26, 2011, Penhold’s councillors reviewed items of payment, including a cheque for $609 issued to the Innisfail PC association. Municipal governments are prohibited from donating to political parties.

The minutes of the Sept 26, 2011 meeting of the Town of Penhold Council which clearly show a payment was made to the Innisfail PC Association for the sum of $609.00 can be seen here.

Another in an already long list, which appears now to be greater than 50 instances, of donations received by the Alberta PCs which are against Alberta election laws including those from the Calgary Zoo, the University of Lethbridge, Alberta Health Services, school boards and others.

But will the almost endless examples of illegal donations to the PC's sway Albertans to vote someone other than the PC's? Only time will tell if they buy the PC spin of trying to blame those that made the donations rather than the party that cashed the cheques and kept the cash works.

Quick update: "In a news release, the Alberta Liberal Caucus is accusing Penhold Town Council of making a donation to the provincial Tories, which is prohibited. Penhold Mayor Dennis Cooper says the $600 payment to the Innisfail PC Association was a refund, when the group overpaid a pre-booked meeting space at the multiplex."

The MSM finds the story hours later: Penhold peeved by Liberal news release.

Oh well, I guess only 50 instances is better than 51. Not. 

*I use the term friends because in the past few weeks I have had many of my tweets re-tweeted by Alberta liberals of all shapes and sizes at least as many times as the current known number of suspect PCs donations. Politics does indeed make strange bed fellows but it isn't about that, it is about doing right for Alberta and in that regard I agree 100% with my liberal friends in that the PCs have to go. We just have a different idea on who should be replacing them.


Platty said...

Okay, so I'm confused. The Liberals put out a press release containing a false claim of an improper payment to Penhold riding, and you are okay with that?

You know, we usually leave that, do anything, say anything to get elected stuff up to the Liberals.

You may want to think twice about who you decide to jump in the sack with, sometimes you get caught with your pants down.....


Ardvark said...

That will teach me to trust the Liberals. =)

I wrote it soon after the release was issued and within 15 minutes had to post the update with the comments from the mayor. Wish I would have waited but once its up its up. I don't delete posts even if they are messed up. Makes for a good learning experience.