Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Threats and intimidation: It's the Alberta PC way.

Minister of Municipal Affairs Doug Griffith in a letter to Linda Sloan, President of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association: (From Global News)

 "Please be advised that as a result of your comments in the media, neither I nor any of my Cabinet or Caucus colleagues, will be attending the AUMA breakfast on February 16th, 2012."

"You have chosen to make false accusations in the newspaper while claiming you want to work together. This situation can be remedied if you publicly apologize and retract your erroneous statement."

Griffiths Letter to Sloan Pg1

Griffiths to Sloan Pg2

Wow, and on the same day that they announce that there will be an anti-bullying week in Alberta.

Note how the letter is cc'ed to all AUMA members and ALL municipalities. Talk about trying to send a message.

The Premiers Chief of Staff comments: "Let's be clear, Linda Sloan didn't just criticize the budget, she lied. Maliciously. #ableg #AUMA"

Media: Miffed Tories play guess who is not coming to breakfast.

Don Braid's on the subject.

No bacon, eggs and ham for PC's.


Blame Crash said...

From the people who engineered the underhanded take over of the PC Party by far-left crackpots we get the old "Let's be clear" line.

Where was that sentiment when they were sneakily raising education taxes to pay off the teacher union and then letting the municipalities take the political hit for it?

wilson said...

It's an MLA breakfast, with Doug Horner schedualed to speak about the budget.

So the Redford govt (it was a caucus decision says Griffith) will retaliate by not showing up.

Linda Sloan was a Liberal MLA for Edmonton Riverview, 1997-2001

Bec said...

That response from the Minister did nothing but prove your point. They are the big pants and everyone else is pond scum if they disagree, debate or challenge.

This election will be Centre Right VS Centre Left (far left imo) and the rest of the Province needs to get engaged in that aspect.
Prosperity, independence and entrepreneurial thinking VS cash-cow, entitlement, handouts.

It's a female Premier either way and one is creative and the other stale.

samsonbeta said...

Omg! Doug that is weak. Maybe it's childish stunts like this that lost you that vote for leader. Are you always going to take your bat with you when you leave the playground?

Anonymous said...

well. is it the truth? yes or no. you do not answer that.