Thursday, February 16, 2012

Score one for the Ottawa Citizen!

Some great reporting from the Ottawa Citizen as they tracked the IP address responsible for posting details of Vic Toews divorce on twitter, the one Justin Trudeau was so fond of promoting, to a computer in the House of Commons!

OTTAWA — An IP address connected to what is known as the Vikileaks30 Twitter account originates within the House of Commons.
In a bid to determine the origin of the account, which details personal information about Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, The Citizen undertook an investigation on Thursday

Someone is busted big time.   Stay tuned.

Previous post on improper use of government computers for political reasons.


Anonymous said...

This could be good!

Bec said...

It will be an insider, that was obvious but it depends on WHO the insider is.

Conservatives would DEMAND that a Conservative resign, the rest of THEM will stay silent, turn the other cheek when it's one of THEIRS and it will be, imo.
Someone with this detailed personal info has been around a while and has an ax to pick.

Ardvark said...

The Ottawa Citizen did well with this one but the article alluded to an NDP connection. I don't think there is enough to hang the dippers with this one, at least not yet, and unless someone goes digging through the logs, which may be a breach of MP privilege or perhaps even be considered secrets, we may never know for sure.

Also I am not convinced that the reward, a staffer at most as even if it was an MP some staffer would take the bullet, is worth the trouble it might take pursuing this to a conclusion.

Alberta Girl said...

I am very sure that if this were an NDP (think Jack & the massage parlour) or a Liberal being targeted, no media person would rest until they had found out if they could point the finger at a CPC and then they would spare nothing to hang that person.

Now that they know it most likely came from one of the opps or staff this will be a one day story.

Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors, someone had to be waiting for Vic to shoot his mouth off, to have this "dirt" so readily available.

Vic was sold a bill of goods by partisan legal beagles in his department, who more than likely crafted the LGR "laws". They made him look bad, or this government has other motives for introducing the legislation. I mean why change the name when there is really no mention in the current legislation referring to kiddy porn/molesters?

I don't hear the opppos claiming "vote for us, we'll rescind it", do you? Nah, they want this law for their own purposes.