Sunday, February 05, 2012

While you were working this week...

Your tax dollars were going towards this:


dmorris said...

This is making a mountain,etc. The tactic of crying "wolf" over every little thing an opponent does backfired on the Ignatieff Liberals big time,and it may just do the same thing for the PC's opponents in Alberta.

In today's media circus,where the people are used to hearing reference to "billions" and "trillions", $70,000 seems a piddling amount.

If I was running the campaign against the PC's,the focus would be on the many examples of waste and bad government the PC's are currently engaged in,not trivial matters like 70 thousand dollar "retreats" which every political Party in Canada has from time to time.

People love to quote Minister Goebbels' famous remark,"a lie repeated often enough become the truth". It is true,with qualification.

But it is also true that the TRUTH,repeated often enough will sink through the thick skulls of we the masses and will become apparent to us. The advantage of repeating the truth is that there is no danger of exposure,no destruction of credibility.

Find the PC's weak spots,the serious and egregious wastes and injustices,and hammer away on those, instead of nit picking every trivial item and risking turning the public OFF to your constant cries of "ze sky,she is falling".

A good example of this is "global warming fatigue" which has set in to the majority of the citizens. AGW was a lie,repeated TOO often,and the truth became evident when the catastrophes didn't occur.

Now,when somebody mentions AGW,CC,or the new phrase,"Climate disruption" eyes roll up, ears shut down, and people think,"oh piss off ".

WRP, choose the important items on which the PC's can be rightfully called to account,and harp at them until they're forced to admit their errors or appear dishonest trying to avoid the issue.

Then, you should win the next election and hold your own "retreats" and save the 70,000 bucks by holding them in the basement of the nearest church.

For the record,I don't care if a competent CEO or politician takes his people on a few expensive junkets, as long as he is doing a competent on running the business. It's a small bonus to pay for good results.

Liz J said...

They can't be expected to car pool and take box lunches or have some church ladies cater now can they?

Calgary Junkie said...

This is in reply to dmorris ...

Taking down the PCs will requrie a tag-team effort from all right-thinking conservatives. It is perfectly appropriate for bloggers and junkies to make fun, nitpick, satirize, etc the PCs. We are NOT considered any kind of spokesperson for the Wildrose. So pretty well anything goes from the blogger/poster section of the conservative team.

Of course, it would be totally dumb for a Wildrose official to make the kind of derisive comments we make here. They have to be a lot more careful, so as not to generate a backlash. With the very astute Flanagan in charge, I'm confident that Wildrose officialdome will take on the proper tone, in campaigning against the PCs.

So far, the Wildrose radio ads, are hammering away with the very appropriate (IMHO) "same old PCs". This more-and-more believable narrative counters the Redford-loving medias attempt to portray her as some kind of breath of fresh air--which us junkies know she definitely is not.

Anyway, lets all have fun, doing our part, in getting rid of this stale, corrupt, intelligence-insulting gang of progressives now running our province.

Blame Crash said...

dmorris, That 70 grand was tax payers money, it wasn't theirs to spend on themselves and it speaks volumes about where the PC Party's head is at.

These clowns are shackling multi billion dollar deficits onto the next generation and can't see the connection to those massive deficits and this 70 Grand?

And for the record, there is no competence and no "competent CEO".
How can you not see that?
How's the weather in Jasper anyways?

Anonymous said...

How much did the Wildrose return of their caucus budget? $0? Then shut up.

Blame Crash said...

The little left wing bureaucrat and corporate welfare piggys raise their head out of the slop trough that has been filled to the brim with borrowed money that will have to be paid back by the children you see walking to school today, and all they can do is to screech “shut up”.
How convincing! They must not have enough time to say much more, otherwise the other piggys will get all the good stuff. It’s every piggy for himself. That’s what it has come to!

Blame Crash said...
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Blame Crash said...

If a Billion Dollars falls in the forest and the Fair Share PC Pigs just shrug their shoulders and ignore it. Does it make an impact?
Yes it does!
It impacts the ability to fund the health care system in the future.
It impacts the ability to fund the education system in the future.
It impacts the ability to fund new and the repair of existing infrastructure in the future.
It impacts your future provincial taxes, they’ll have to go up to pay for this PC Greed.
It impacts our ability to remain “Provincial Sales Tax” free.
It impacts the ability to fund and enjoy your retirement in the future because when the economic reality of what they are doing hits the proverbial fan, they’ll be scrounging around for anything and everything. That includes your CPP and RRSP, and just so you know, both of these can be best described as “Sitting Ducks” to the PC Pigs.

Blame Crash said...

Speaking of "Billions"
Anyone know how many Billions the PC's have overspent since they were last elected?

Ardvark said...

dmorris:They were preaching being frugal in the morning and in the afternoon were drinking beer on a bus headed to Jasper; where the government caucus met up with 25(?) PCAA candidates for what had to be partisan political reasons.

The PCs don't know where the line is anymore and that is Never a good thing to see in a government no matter what political stripe.

A shake up is long over due.

The election date is still unknown (why we have to guess the date of a fixed election remains a mystery) so stay tuned.

Ardvark said...

To Anonymous @ 10:59 or as I like to call her, the PC spin machine,

PC caucus funding = 3.42 million.

$3 million more than the NDP or the Wildrose.

Giving back a couple of thousand bucks out of 3.42 million does not make your team a hero.

Anonymous said...

Aardvark is a liar or misinformed. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He's counting funding to the Public Affairs Bureau which is not caucus funding.

Nice try. As usual this is nothing but negative American style politics from the Wildrose party which will be wiped off the face of the political map in a few weeks.

Blame Crash said...

"American style"!

Now who say something like that except a full blown Liberal. That's one of the first words that they learn when they're being indoctrinated.

Yes, the "Alberta style" coup of the PC Party by the far-left crackpots is complete.

Ardvark said...

That info came from the Calgary Herald but it doesn't matter if some of that cash comes from the Public affairs budget as it is ALL taxpayer dollars and arguably being used for a campaign.

Premier Redford said today: "an election in 2 months & we're well into campaigning."

We're well into campaigning? She spent the last 2 weeks traveling around the province, cabinet tour and Jasper retreat,so when did this campaigning occur or were those events part of that campaign?

As for your American BS, take it elsewhere. I am seriously getting tired of being called angry by people who by their own actions are.