Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A strange thing happened in Alberta on the way to that Conservative majority in Ottawa.

I started blogging about politics back during the 2006 election when I became fed up watching the arrogance and antics of the then governing Liberals. Revelations on Adscam became daily breaking news, Paul Martin was trying to be all things to all people by making everything his number 1 priority and was again trying to scare Canadians with the campaign of fear against the CPC. That was a long time as well as a few elections ago and today the Liberals have been reduced to third party status and we have a strong stable conservative majority government in Ottawa; things are looking good.

But while many of us in Alberta were working hard in any we we could trying to get that majority in Ottawa, a funny thing happened. We let our guard down and ignored what was happening in our own backyard as the party that most of us have supported for up to 40 years, the PCAA, became something other than what I would call conservative.

They started passing more nanny state laws, making government bigger, harming the economy by tinkering with electricity, land rights, royalties, spending more money than we have, going as far as to abolish law that their own party passed saying that they would not run deficits, and as we have seen of late have been involved in multiple (50+) shady dealings regarding donations and the soliciting of donations.

It is like I am back in 2006 but only this time it isn't the Liberals, it is the so called Progressive Conservative Party of my own province that are the culprits.

The PC's have gone off the rails conservatively, fiscally, ethically and after 40 yrs have run out of ideas on how to govern other than by increasing government size and power while claiming (how I enjoy it when my gov't lies to me) that it is either for our own good or that it is what 'Albertans have asked' them to do. They have lost sight of the line that exists between party and government and are treating Alberta as some type of fiefdom where they can spend our money at will and where party cronies are appointed to almost every board, agency, committee and  position out there.(Mar, Hughes,and Charlebois being prominent examples)

Even the arrogance has reached a level that rivals that of the Liberals of '06.

The PC's rarely if ever admit that they are wrong; when confronted with details of illegal donations they are quick to blame those that gave the money rather than look to themselves, when promises of fixed election dates and judicial health inquiries get morphed into something not even close to the original promises they smile and say that they have 'fulfilled' those promises and paint anyone who suggests otherwise as angry. They go on a cross province taxpayer funded cabinet tours one week and then to Jasper the next meeting up with unelected PC candidates treating us as fools when they say that it is not campaigning or partisan.  Even Thursdays budget is going to contain the whopper that our budget will be balanced in 2013, though I have yet to meet a single person who actually believes this to be true, the PC's will maintain that they're speaking the truth and because of their belief that they are the natural governing party of Alberta will also assume that Albertans will ignore their record/promises and will once again be sheep returning the PC's to power they feel that they are somehow entitled to hold.

Well sorry PCAA but it is not going to be that easy this time around. People are starting to pay attention and they don't like what they have been seeing. It is going to take more than some vague vacuous promises in a throne speech to get them to again vote PC in the hope that this time a PC government will somehow be different.

We in Alberta do not change governments often, but when we do, we do so in spectacular fashion. Lets hope that in election 2012 that we can do so again and reclaim our government back from a PC party that can't manage to balance a budget with $100 oil and takes its citizens for granted by ignoring them and treating them as idiots with their political games and ridiculous spin. This is no longer the party of Lougheed or even Klein and for the first time that I can remember people are openly speaking of change and after 40 yrs of one party rule the time for change may have again arrived.

So to my readers who come here looking for something related to federal politics I would like to apologize in advance for the lack of posts on the federal scene as something happened in Alberta on the way to getting that Conservative majority in Ottawa and I have to turn my attention to Alberta for the next few months and try to change what I and many others here have ignored for far too long. Our own government.

Comments are always welcome but as I have been attracting plenty of attention lately from PC staffers and party hacks (they don't like it when their fiefdom gets challenged and their BS gets called out) comment moderation will be turned on.  Sad really because even during the last 3 federal elections the left wing trolls didn't post half as many vulgar comments as these so called conservatives have.


Natasha said...

Here's hoping you guys oust Red Ali and her group of CINOs. Ontario failed to get rid of one of the most unpopular premiers in a long time (though that was mostly Hudak's fault for being such weak competition). Of course, Alberta isn't Ontario, so I'm hopeful a true conservative party -- Wildrose -- will lead the way.

Anonymous said...

Well I for one will be voting for the Wildrose Party....Ms Redford is just itching to raise taxes and Iam not in favour of that move

Roy Elsworth said...

you guys in alberta get rid of redford bye electing wild rose alliance and in B.C were gonna have a Conservative uprising it is happening now the bc liberals are being replaced bye the bc conservatives we could see a conservative official opposition with an NDP minority government or a Conservative minority. hopefully better but things are happening in BC rite now to.

Anonymous said...

So which party will you support?

Ardvark said...

The one that will not raise my taxes or plan to make government bigger and more intrusive.

Since there is only 1 party out there that fits this description it should be clear who gets my vote.

Sue said...

Be careful what you wish for. Vote splitting is perilous.

In BC in 1972 and 1996 we got a NDP gov´t which thrust BC into two separate decades of decline.

The governing BC Liberal Party, now very unpopular, has been a coalition of Conserv and Libs and now John Cummins is reviving the old provincial carcass of the BC Conservatives.

It´s very existence will split the next vote and fully insert the NDP back into government in BC.

Alberta, carry on at your peril. WRP will require more than one election to win the popular vote. Do you really want to risk that?

Sue said...

The missing bits......

Big difference of course is that you are only pushing back against the PC party.... not the provincial NDP.

wilson said...

thanks for your warning, but I don't see a "risk".

Unless you are suggesting a possible coalition of losers between Redford and the Libs/NDP?

In that case, a Wildrose majority is absolutely Albertan's only option.

I am 110% behind Wildrose,
leader Danielle Smith and her highly qualified candidates are ready to govern.

Blame Crash said...

Oh I can just imagine the rage that many of the slop-trough PC’s have to anyone who shows any kind of dissent to their iron fisted rule. Being under threat is a new thing for them and it shows. The though of losing the easy life is absolutely horrifying, especially when the books are thrown wide open and they show everyone what has really been going on and who’s been naughty and who’s been very naughty.
The PC Gravy Train is now a Runaway Train and it needs to be derailed in the upcoming election. If we don’t, all of these new left-wing fair-weather PC Coalitionistas will do it for us, but only after they’ve gone off the rails by burying the next generation in massive debt.
It’s “Time’s Up” for both the new and old PC’s.

Blame Crash said...

Great post by the way. I’m sure all the usual suspects are not going to be very amused.

Ardvark said...

Re-posting this comment with a the hideous typos corrected.

Sue: The vote splitting angle is one that I hear all of the time related to BC but not much for Alberta. While there may be something to it I personally could not hold my nose and vote for a party that has abandoned me and basic conservative ideals just to stop another party from sneaking in. No party is worth it IMHO.

As for your comment on it taking more than one election for the WRP to gain power; you may be correct on that and it may be the best thing in the long term for the WRP for them to become the official opposition, perhaps in a minority situation, but I can't let that be the deciding factor in how I will vote. As I noted in the post, we don't change governments often in Alberta, but when we do, we do so in spectacular fashion. I am hoping that in 2012 that we do so again.

Thucydides said...

This just goes to show how important it is to clean house. Progressives taking over the party is one thing, but you also need to contend with the Bureaucracy, Academia and the Legacy Media in Alberta.

Electing Wildrose party candidates will be a good first step, but the bureaucracy needs to be pruned and many powers removed, Alberta's education system needs to be closely looked at to see where pockets of Progressive indoctrination are lurking (and funding needs to be removed from there and applied to parental control and student funding as opposed to institutional funding in higher education), and the Legacy media needs to be called on their BS and fought directly with advertiser boycotts. And that is just the start.

Best of luck to you Ardvark, and all your friends. I lived in Calgary back in the 80's and thought it was a wonderful change from Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Wildrose may not win the next election, but once people take some time from their busy lives to see what's really going on, I don't see why the WA can't win the next election after that. Vote splitting? Possibly. But it's short term pain for long term gain. If there's any province where a small-c conservative party can win, it's Alberta. I'm in Ontario but if I were an Albertan I would definitely vote WA in the next election.

Anonymous said...

It's not that Albertans can't understand what's happening - they just don't want to.

IMHO the PC's new MO is that of a spousal abuser "I wouldn't hurt you if I didn't love you."

Anonymous said...

Redford's claim that she and PC's are "listening" to Albertans is a sham.

Reminds me of the old saying "Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes."

AB PC's take-away: That way you'll have his shoes and be a mile away from him.