Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hours after touting their upcoming budget, Alberta PCs go on taxpayer funded trip to Jasper

Alberta Treasury Board President Doug Horner: "Bill 1 will be about getting better value for taxpayer's dollars, doing things better, smarter," "Certainly we are going to be frugal."

But just a few short hours later: the Tory caucus was in Jasper for a three day, two night retreat – at a cost of $70,000, funded by taxpayers, days before another deficit budget is set for release.

This all after last weeks 4 day taxpayer funded (although they refuse to reveal the costs * ) 'cabinet tour' which one PC MLA called nothing but "a photo-op for the pre-election".

No, nothing partisan going on around here. No siree: Many newly nominated Progressive Conservative candidates and party organizers will also travel to Jasper this week for a concurrent party meeting.

This party has become so damn arrogant that they aren't even pretending anymore.It is time to give the PCs the boot.

* update: The PC campaign err 'cabinet tour' ended up costing taxpayers $100,000  (seems low considering 77K in flights alone over the course of 4days vs $70,000 for 3 days in Jasper with few if any flights involved.)

But who are you going to believe? Your own tired eyes or the Treasury Board President of the tired PC party when he said earlier today: "Certainly we are going to be frugal.".


maryT said...

Any chance they fear they will not get a majority next election and maybe not even a minority so they are spending like there is no tomorrow.
And with so many not running again due to retirement or losing a nomination, lots of new names on those ballots.

wilson said...

I think the Red Team can feel the rumblings from our grassroots movement and doesn't have a flaming clue what do about it.

The old pc's can't battle common sense when they have none.

hunter said...

Keep it coming Ard, we all reading and listening. The election is coming, we need to start paying attention and getting on the election bandwagon for the Wildrose.

Anonymous said...

This nonsense has been going on since Klein was selected as leader in 1993. Complaining about it now is phony. Harper takes taxpayer funded flights to see sports events and you are okay with that. You are just being a partisan cry baby.

The PC Party will crush Wildrose.

Blame Crash said...

I wonder if the new PC-Lib candidate for Calgary-Varsity will be there?

Ezra did a number on her awhile back. Check it out.

Blame Crash said...

I keep on thinking that I’ve seen this PC horror show before and then last night, just when the clock struck the witching hour, it dawned on me. These tricksters are a new diabolic reincarnation of the Coup-Coup Coalitionist, and they are mimicking their attempt to take over democracy through devious and underhanded means.
And now these witches and warlocks have jumped aboard their first-class brooms and scooted up to Jasper for their diabolic Sabbath where they will be cackling with delight as they stir their bubbling cauldron and fantasize about how delicious it’s going to taste after they throw all the children of Alberta futures into it.

wilson said...

no name commentor at 6:34
''..Harper takes taxpayer funded flights to see sports events ..''

Harper pays the equivalent of a commercial flight, out of his own pocket.

The old pc's can't crush Wildrose,
because our grassroots party is based on common sense, not handouts like the teacher's union got from the Red Team.
Be can't be bought nor fooled.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:34 is right. The Wildrose is too ideological and extreme. It's constant negative politics is backfiring. 70 seats to the PCs.

Frank S. said...

Speaking of arrogance...

So glad to see PC staffers have time to post anonymously to blogs critical of their fiefdom.

wilson said...

And to think Frank S,
we taxpayers are picking up the tab to boot!

These old pc's have the same entitlement affliction as the LPC have.

wilson said...

''...The Wildrose is too ideological and extreme...''

Right anon,
those talking points are worn out from years and years of use on Harper.

The PC Party has become a place for Liberals and Dippers to call home.
Too Red for Alberta.