Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Smackdown: Ralph Goodale scores on his own net.

Earlier today Liberal MP Ralph Goodale was beside himself with what he called a "big score" for the Liberals against corporate taxes when he tweeted the following:

@RalphGoodale "Libs land a big score against Cons tax cuts for big corps. CFIB-VP says corp tax cuts are NOT in CFIB's Top-11 priorities."        
(FYI CFIB = Canadian Federation of Independent Business)

One small problem though; Ralph has the position of the CFIB totally wrong as explained by CFIB President Catherine Swift.

"As to any confusion over CFIB's support of continuing the corporate tax cuts, we unequivocally support them! The plan should be continued."

"The reason CFIB's so-called top-11 list did not include corporate tax cuts is that we considered them a done deal, not subject to change."

Sorry Ralph but the CFIB is in favour of the tax cuts and they unequivocally do not support the job killing Liberal tax increases you and your party are proposing to inflict upon Canadian business as we come out of a recession.

Your big score was into your own net Ralph.

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UsualSuspect said...

No wonder the Libs can't raise funds. Who wants to pay good money to watch their farm team?

Anonymous said...

That wern't a tweet more like a Caw, Caw, Caw, Haw, Haw

jad said...

Scott Brison raised this in QP and got smacked down by the PM

Anonymous said...

It will be impossible for the libs and layton to campaign against raising taxes, after the motion they passed today to raise taxes.

wilson said...

And to think this is their front bench....
all they have to do is prepare for a 15 minute meeting in Parliament,
and they even can't get that right.

The Goodale Brison duo, led by Iffy, just makes yah shake your head.

hunter said...

Watched question period for once, Pierre straightened everything out near the end.

Ardvark is right the Liberals were way off base, so far nobody but the lefties think punishing corporations with higher taxes is a good idea. If they think it is, let's start with CTV and Global. I would mention CBC, but raising their taxes only makes taxpayers pay more. Oh will do the same if we tax CTV's always the taxpayers who pay.

Wonder why CBC would support higher taxes? Could it be that they don't have to worry about their funding?

Fay said...

The silence is deafening from the MSM when it comes to holding Scott Brison to account. I am sure that Kathrine Swift would have happily given her side of the story on Power Play or P+P .

Ardvark said...

The current Liberal position on business tax is a TOTAL 180 reversal of long held/believed/implemented Liberal policy that was changed ONLY for pure partisan political reasons, and they take us as fools by spinning themselves senseless trying to convince people that it isn't.

Leave it to the Liberals to go against one of the few the things they did that actually worked.

Is it any wonder that nobody can take them seriously.

Bert said...

And Ralphie Boy wants to be Finance Minister someday.