Thursday, January 27, 2011

Call it like it is: The Liberal plan is a tax increase .

For days now we all have been hearing from the media about the Liberal plan to 'rescind', 'defeat', or 'cancel' the conservative corporate tax cuts that are supposedly in the next budget, but there are a couple of problems with that.

#1. The budget contains NO corporate tax cuts. None, zero, nada. There is nothing to oppose or defeat as these cuts have been in place since 2007 and have just been implemented as scheduled starting January 1st 2011. Why the misleading headlines? Your guess is as good as mine.

#2. Since the cuts are ALREADY in place any change to the tax code would not be merely be a cancellation of a proposed cut but rather a tax increase over the current rates.   Companies would pay more than they are paying today, and that is a tax increase!

Think of it this way; if (more likely when) Ignatieff increases the GST would anyone refer to that move as simply canceling a tax cut?  OK, some in the MSM probably would but they don't seem to understand the situation most of the time before they actually report on it, as the coverage of Ignatieff's corporate tax increase clearly shows.

Call it like it is, the Liberal plan is a tax increase.

And if they do manage to somehow get elected I will wager that it won't be the only one we will see either.

GST hike anyone


CanadianSense said...

Are you expecting the media to accurately reflect reality in their coverage of political parties?

Not likely.

I just watched the CBC clips with Evan, Kevin trying to help the Liberals trying to sell their talking points.

The small, medium and large business owners and their employees will need to step up and correct the propaganda from the left.

The Plan by the Federal-Provinces has been in effect for years to achieve a combined 25% rate of corporate taxes.

It will be up to the LEFT leaning parties in the cheap seats to repeal the law.

maryT said...

You wonder why the media is not telling the truth, could it be because the crtc recently said it is ok to report untruths as news. Too bad the cbc/ctv has been doing this for years without the blessing of the crtc.
I agree with Wilson, from BLY, time to repay Alberta for the costs it suffered under the NEP.
I think the tax increase and the Que arena are a bridge too far for the majority of Canadians. Could be the end of the liberals as a party, and iggy as a pretend leader.
A majority without seats in Quebec is my dream, altho there are a couple from that province that I would hate to see defeated.
The bloc will never get a cabinet seat, so what if no mp from Quebec gets on. Enough is enough

Ardvark said...

Not expecting as much as hoping they would cover stuff honestly.

Jen said...

Frankly the media do want to canada to fall big time to be risen again under the stronge regime of total Socialism, communism and marxism. We see three opposition bearing those fruits already.

Socialist 'do not' like businesses; too many businesses around intimidates the Socialist agenda.
Keeping the public under their rule and thumb with mandatory census in place helps socialists to determine who gets what where when.
In other words, if you have a more rooms in your house with only two people living in it-you have to share with another (layton's socialist homeless plan)
If you make more than the next guy, you have to give some of you paycheck( socialist NDP redistribution plan.
If you own a business your earning must be given to those who don't work (redistribution plan)

If you have land to large for your small size family half of you land according to socialist agenda, have to be given to other family to build on your private property.

Layton, Duceppe Liberals have been speaking the socialist talk. Speaking for the poor senior etc is just a ploy used by socialists but never ever would socialist give the poor or senior etc the need they want.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the Conservatives to start refuting the idiotic claims made by idiotic commentators, like Robert Fife at CTV, who keeping mouthing off about a six billion giveaway to big business but fail to mention that the six billion is over five years. Hell, thats less per year than our senior bureaucrats spend on fancy dinners and trips to warm destinations for conferences.

Jen said...

HOMELESS uh-give me a break, Layton had a business did he share his earnings with the poor or the little guy who didn't feel like working.

How about the rent paid by CHOW and Layton. Was the rent for another house or apt to accommodate a homeless family of course not.

What about the $1.97 subsidies?
You would have thought that the socialists trio in opposition would jump to the occassion, to relief the excessive payments to parties which the 'little guy have to pay into.But, instead of thinking of of the little guy to vote for the elimination of the subsides, the opposition went into a rage cooked up a coup to overthrow the sitting government.
I guess from that scheme from the socialists it was not the 'will of the poor' they were concern abut but theirs and theirs alone.

$40MILLION is still missing yet the liberals have the nerve to tell the poor during the recession "I feel your pain" but not a single dime from the $40million will ever be seen by the poor nor the rest of canada.

HOMELESS, POOR, ABORIGINAL WOMEN AND CHILDREN, ETC are just the crowning subjects the socialists like to harp on daily but ask those same socialists for a dime-would never be given.

The CBC CTV are not canada's media they are the Liberals, socialist, communist and marxist very own media.