Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The sheer political genius of Stephen Harper.

With one comment, about personally supporting capital punishment in certain circumstances but who as our PM has no intention of bringing forward as gov't policy*, Stephen Harper has changed the game.

Just watch and see.

 * If anyone out there honestly believes that the PM made his televised comments without knowing the 'fallout', IMHO they are being willfully blind or are sadly under estimating Stephen Harper the politician.


Anonymous said...

But but but.....the hidden agenda.

Ardvark said...

I say run with it Liberals. The hidden agenda meme is bound to work again.


wilson said...

The Liberal motion on taxpayers funding abortions for 3rd world countries, comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

The sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Each election the Libs bring up the "hidden agenda" they lose more seats, more votes and more money.

CanadianSense said...


It's not fair, that carrot is undeniable and the left can't help themselves.

They did the same thing when has asked for cooperation in passing legislation in the Fall of 2008.

They may have taken their little blue pill in the morning but found out side effects are a dissolution and a general election.

robins111 said...

Mc-duffus is getting pounded in of all place the Ceeb web-site.

If david/dalton wanted to get attention he was successful, but not the way he wanted.

maryT said...

On P&P today, one panelist picked up on Next parliament. What about after that. Is this panel member and Evan admitting that PMSH will lead not only the next parliament but the one after that.

Blame Crash said...

Yes, there are a lot of Canadians ears that perked right up when they heard Harper speak affirmatively about the death penalty.

I say he should double down and raise the possibility of making it retroactive for mass murders.

Now that would win an election all on its own!

Anonymous said...

If there's a hidden agenda the Liberals must have it, we have no idea what they stand for. They're like swarm of schizophrenic bees flitting about in search of elusive blossoms.

Liz J

ebt said...

The "shear" political genius of Harper? Did he get a haircut?

maryT said...

OT, but it appears the Alberta Party will soon have its first MLA.
So,who do voters cast their ballots for, the candidate or the party. Does the winner owe any loyalty to those who voted him/her into office.
Will those voters support him/her next election or go back to the party they first voted for.

Ardvark said...

Arrrgggg. Shear vs sheer: just one more reason not to drink and blog.