Friday, January 28, 2011

CTVGate: CTV cuts 2 seconds out of Ignatieff's answer

And what a difference 2 seconds can make.

Watch the video.  (Now available on YouTube )


What Ignatieff actually said: "”We think that Bill Gates, the secretary of defence, knows full well the problems with the F-35s,..."

What CTV chose to put on the air:  ”..., the secretary of defence, knows full well the problems with the F-35s,..."

A big difference don't you think?

Imagine that, CTV left out a major gaffe by a politician. Perhaps it is their policy not to show slip ups of politicians, or than again maybe not as the very next segment aired dealt with another gaffe from a politician, this time our Minister of National Defence.

One was given its own story, while the other seemed to be edited out and never mentioned.

Why the difference in coverage?

Update: Even in their print stories on this subject, CTV manages to leave out Ignatieff's "Bill Gates" quote :
 Gates "knows full well the problems with the F-35. This thing is late, it's over-budget," Ignatieff told reporters at an event in Montreal. While Peter MacKay's comment gets fully reported on in print by CTV.     (HT to Joanne @  BLY)

Update3: How important are gaffes to CTV? Do they think they are worth covering?:  If you look at the pic from Lisa LaFlamme's twitter account below, you can see that in the week previous she made 6 tweets.

2 of those were about MacKay's gaffe and the CTV coverage of them

So yes, it does look like CTV not only believes that gaffes are important and worth covering, they also appear to believe that their coverage of those gaffes was worthy of promotion over the other news of the day.

So again I have to ask; why the difference in coverage between what Peter MacKay said and what Michael Ignatieff said?

Update 2: During the same presser and after the Bill Gates gaffe, Ignatieff had the gall to attack Peter MacKay on his gaffe: "Well, I just think our minister of defence should get a map," 

Too funny.  Michael Ignatieff, he does not attack people (40 second mark), he attacks irony.


Joanne (BLY) said...

Great job exposing the bias Ardvark! I love the video.

You and Wilson are a good team.

Anonymous said...

let the CTV feel our anger bombard them with our outrage at their deceitful practices
everyone turn them off
I am personally disgusted with their blatant attacks on the Government of Canada
this type of bias reporting is not going to be tolerated by Canadians
let them know how disgusted we are and make this available to the top honcho


Calgary Junkie said...

Qu'elle surprise ! Our lamestream media, running interference for the Libs !?! Say it ain't so, Donolo.

Just another example in a long list. It begs the questions: "What else has CTV been hiding from us ???

I'll bet there's tons of stuff from his bus tours on their cutting room floors.

And these jokers are now complaining that WE are taking stuff out of context ? LOL
Hey, we only have 30 seconds to paint the unflattering picture of Iggy, which you compromised clowns refuse to show.

Anonymous said...

Bob is not kow as "Fife the knife" for nothing.

CanadianSense said...

I am curious how CTV justifies "editing" the interview by Ignatieff.

I would expect that to be done by the Liberal party and partisans doing damage control but not a neutral "news" tv show.

Who directed the editing of the gaffe out?

Who discussed whether the gaffe should be edited out?

maryT said...

Every thing the iggster says from now on, that is shown on TV will be questioned, what have they cut out.
Remember how that gal used a stmt from the PM in a segment entirely non related to her story. I think she was sent to Toronto for re-education.
If this is an example of Lisa's reporting, when she takes over, trouble ahead.

Ardvark said...

Updated with CTV print coverage of Ignatieff's comment.

Guess what?

Even in print they left out the first half of Ignatieff's sentence.

CanadianSense said...

Reminds me of the show Friends.

Iggy could play Chandler.

wilson said...

Ardvark, let us know how many hits on your fantastic video you get!

welcome to our world Ms Laflamme!

Russ Campbell said...

CTV probably remembers when they ran the outtakes from that infamous Dion interview and were severely punished by the LPC. Now they're out of the LPC doghouse, they want to stay out.

Joanne (BLY) said...

Ardvark - Check Stephen Taylor's twitter feed about 20 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

Have just sent a complaint to Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. The altered video did not have any disclaimers therefore this is a case of blatant content manipulation. Or simply put - lying. I encourage all the send similar complaints to via email.

Anonymous said...

More bias by CTV. I recall during the 2008 Coalition Crisis reading about Dione's poorly produced video rebuttal of Harper's prorogation speech. That evening I settled in to watch CTV news to see both speeches and I notice something very strange. Harper's address had very poor picture quality, as bad as Dione's. CTV purposely distorted the Harper video so it appeared as bad as Doine's.
Rick G

Fay said...

Who owns the majority of CTV? It sure appears that Donolo is calling the shots!
Canadians need to be very afraid of the hidden agenda of CTV.

Anonymous said...

Came to your post late via Blogging Tories and BC Blue ...

Congratulations on your post and your video. That is precisely the kind of push back there should be -- pointing out the FACTS, be it to the media, bloggers, politicians, whoever.

I looked for that clip of Ignatieff on CPAC, but couldn't find it. May I ask where you found it?
--Gabby in QC

Ardvark said...

Both clips were from CTV. Fife's report was from the late night national news and the complete version was found on a local CTV station, Montreal if I am not mistaken.

Wilson, do you want me to subtract the hits from CTV and CBC from that total? Because they both have been to the blog today numerous times, and by numerous I mean at least 10 times for the cbc alone and even more from CTV.

JDot said...


Great post, wow is all I can say..

Anonymous said...

Alberta Ardvark, in Montreal? Right under my nose? I was watching Power & Politics instead of the local news. Ignatieff's reaction was captured for posterity without me -- lol -- all to the good!

-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Are you reading CTV? Yes you are. And you know what? We're on to you, as we've always been.

Ardvark said...

Anon @5:08: I understand but can you please tell the helicopters following me to stay a little farther back, they are scaring my cat.

hunter said...

A cat? I had higher hopes for you Ardvark!

Excellent job on the video and holding the MSM's nose to the truth grindstone. Wilson is an amazing font of information.

wilson said...

A break down would be great Ardvark!

Does CTV and CBC visit your blog on a normal day, or were their hits an exception?

Can you tell if viewers were redirected (from other blogs) to your blog?

Just trying to identify the best paths for our election war room...LOL

You did an outstanding job with the video, Ardvark, outstanding.

Ardvark said...

Sorry Wilson but those stats are considered trade secrets and are not subject to freedom of information requests. Its the same policy as the CBC and seems to work for them. =)

Seriously, today's numbers were very good with lots of incoming links from all over the place and from all over the political spectrum, and I owe it all to a tip!

As I said somewhere else; Wilson you rock!

UsualSuspect said...

Wow. Just wow.

I enjoy politics like I do sports. I love a good match as much as the next guy, but I know a hometown ref when i see one. Shame on you CTV. You ruin politics like the mafia ruined boxing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe CTV has decided to shift Liberal due to Bell head office directives? I think making that chick anchor is part of the ruse going on there. What is it that Bell hopes to gain if Iggy beocmes PM??? I wonder indeed. (real conservative)

JDot said...

Ardvark, anyway you can upload this awesome vid to youtube?

Once again great great stuff Ardvark. And great catch by Wilson.....

Jen said...

Maybe you should have David Rutherford voice added on to this.
He went on CTV's case and replayed ignatieff's gaffe tape on radio.

wilson said...

AA, perhaps SunTV would be interested in your video,
Charles Adler, Ezra or Kory.....
it would be a terrific visual for a Liberal media bias segment.

Joanne (BLY) said...

Still waiting for Lisa L. to tweet about Iggy's gaffe. *crickets*

Joanne (BLY) said...

Has anyone found a CTV report at all that covers Iggy's gaffe?

john davis said...

Notice, too, how Ignatieff calls Gates "the Secretary of Defense" and not the "American Secretary of Defense". He must be homesick.

Anonymous said...

CTV, editing out all the news they don't want you to hear. More fine Canadian JournoListism.

Manny said...

Great catch aardvark!

Savant said...

You can also use Twitter and poke - She's the new president of CTV news, and of late many companies like to deal right away with complaints on Twitter because of bad press.

Jen said...

AA, question is " how much of the PM statement or speech have been erased or reedited-I bet you most of it.

Too many a times the PM spoke in full but seem to be re-edited for two purpose:
-For you (depending where you live) not to know the full story and
- For the liberals to use that portion of 'erase' as their own.

How many times have you heard the liberals use the PM's quotes and sayings from the PM's speech which was partially erased, as their words?

ForestP said...

Seems perfectly reasonable that a freudian slip existed when Ignatieff said Bill Gates instead of Bob Gates.

I think comparing it to McKay's gaffe is not quite reasonable as one deals with an abbreviated name, while the other dealt with geographic specificity that deals with what our continental borders are and that the minister of defense should be at least mindful of what he's talking about, Vancouver BC is a good 1200kms from San Fransisco. Washington State and Oregon are between them.

Bill is not quite so far from Bob.

Of course the CTV would choose to air the McKay gaffe. It's a terrible gaffe.

Ardvark said...

Both were gaffes.

Neither one should be taken to imply anything else other than a slip of the mind that happens to everyone of us; but usually off camera.

What news value is there in these. Why should the MSM in general, and CTV in particular, bother to show either of them?

Leave that shit to the hyper partisan bloggers.

Jeff M. said...

Big Iggy Gaffe on Mar 31 2011...talking about our involvement in Libya. He stated "Our party supported the use of Canadian air power for one purpose -- to keep Col. Gadhafi massacring his people,". I rewound it 10 times and laughed everytime. Of course, Sunmedia added their own interpretation
""Our party supported the use of Canadian air power for one purpose -- to keep Col. Gadhafi from massacring his people,". Can't find any copies of that video was Q&A after some daycare announcements. Funny stuff.