Friday, January 14, 2011

Mr. Ignatieff. Please answer your own question.

On Wednesday Michael Ignatieff again went out on the road in an effort to (re) introduce himself to the Canadian public as if somehow the forth time will be the charm. At a Liberal Party function, which was held in the back of a restaurant located in a small suburban Ottawa mall, Ignatieff lead off his stump speech with what the LPC hope will become the 'ballot question' in the next federal election.

"Are you and your family better off now than five years ago?" .

Aside from the fact that the line was blatantly stolen from Ronald Reagan, which I mentioned yesterday, something else has been bothering me about Ignatieff's campaign query. What would Michael Ignatieff's answer be if he was asked his own question?

Seriously, assuming that he would be honest and give a straight answer, what would Michael Ignatieff's answer be?
(Perhaps someone in our fine Canadian media establishment would be so kind to ask him so we all could find out. Hint Hint)


I say the answer has to be a resounding yes. Micheal Ignatieff  is indeed much better off now than he was 5 years ago. (Speaking only on the financial aspect, which considering that we have just been through a nasty recession, I assume was what Ignatieff was referring to with his question) Here is why:

On January 14, 2006, after recently returning to Canada after 27 years away, Michael Ignatieff was busy running in his first election to be the LPC MP for Etobicoke Lakeshore. He won his riding but the Paul Martin lead Liberal Party lost power and Ignatieff made his way onto the Liberal back benches where he would be compensated with a wage of  $147,700. Assuming that he sat on a couple of committees etc, I think we can safely round it up to $160K. (plus travel, office etc)

5 years later in January 2011 Micheal Ignatieff is now the leader of the official opposition with a salary $233,247, a residence (Stornoway), an office budget of $3.2 million, a car allowance of $2,122, and perhaps even some kind of top up or other perks from the Liberal Party itself. Not to mention that the job of leader of the opposition carries with it much more prestige as well as other intangibles that no ordinary MP enjoys.

Sounds to me like Micheal Ignatieff better hope that nobody in the media can take a hint and asks him to honestly answer his own question, because financially speaking he certainly is better off today than he was 5 years ago.


Sort of related and good news for all Canadians including Ignatieff, not that he would ever acknowledge it though, as Canada's economy outperforms the G7.


Anonymous said...

Iggy also wrote and promoted a book while on the Canadian dime. Not that this is illegal, but being paid by Canadians while releasing a book must have been helpful.

Alberta Girl said...

Actually, if he were to look at his tax picture, he actually pays less tax than he did 5 years ago...hmmmm - maybe he wants to rethink the question...or...

maybe he is a Tory mole...LOL

CanadianSense said...

I am on record Ignatieff is a great asset to the Conservative party.

I don't know if it's his advisors, his political instincts, his bubbling personality but he makes Martin-Dion leadership look good.

It takes a special talent to run the liberal party to the ground and we should acknowledge and praise him for his efforts.

Who will want to take the reigns after Ignatieff is asked to leave and the party is below 25% in popular support?

Will David McGuinty take a run to revive the Liberal brand?

Anonymous said...

There was a story in a small local newspaper here in the Niagara area about the PM's recent visit to Welland where he announced awards for volunteers.
They said the hall was packed. That's PACKED (!!) as in no room for anyone else. No mention of how big the hall was except that it was PACKED.
And Welland is held by the NDP.
Also a mention in another report on the same visit about the PM stopping by a local restaurant to talk with community leaders. He did the same when he came to Niagara Falls a year ago.

Alberta Girl said...

annoy...interesting to hear about the PM being out and about. My question is - How come we NEVER hear about these kinds of things from our national media - yet we hear about Iggy out and about in some back room speaking to a few party faithful.

Come on Jane...Kady...Bob...Neil...Julie...Susan (pick any one of the many, many Susans)...Evan...Don...Jim...Lloyd...Lisa.....I could go on and on and on and on.

Every day on the local Calgary station I hear about Iggy saying this and Iggy going here and Iggy threatening, yet NOTHING about the PM!

Why is that guys (referring to the lot mentioned above..not commenters here as we all know why)

maryT said...

Can we find out what his salary was as head of the Carr Institute. Don't forget, he will be eligible for a life time MP pension is about a year. And will all improvement in his financial life, you forgot to mention, that he rarely shows up to work.
Someone commented on his posture and since reading that I have paid attention. He never seems to walk straight, always bent over a little. Does he have a spine problem.

Anonymous said...

"Does he have a spine problem.(?)"

There's a loaded question if ever I heard one.

Telling it like it is said...

Actually, 5 years ago, he was touted as the Saviour of the Liberal Party. Today he's the anchor.

Anonymous said...

Harper is the master of the low road. He accused Paul Martin of being in favour of child pornography. Harper always looks for the belt so he can punch below it.

Jan said...

When the Liberals refused to address serious crimes such as child prostitution and pornography and increase sentences for those who distribute it, what would you call it? Unless of course, you agree with Paul Martin.
Liberals, IMO, remain the greatest danger to our children's safety and well-being.

Ardvark said...

Nice attempt to distract from the topic anon with a totally irrelevant 8 yr old non story but you, like most Liberals, underestimate the ability of the Canadian public to see through such obvious attempts at spinning for your ineffective and unpopular leader. Ignatieff is a dud and even polling done among Liberals themselves agrees.