Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach will not run for re-election.

During a news conference Tuesday morning, Premier Ed Stelmach told reporters he won't run in the next provincial election.

"I am not prepared to serve another full term as premier," said Stelmach.

And with that, PC's all across the province breathe a sigh of relief.

But will it be enough?


Anonymous said...

In my opinion it won't be enough, the damage is already done. If the PC's elect Morton as leader and stop spending like idiots on a boozer they can probably maintain a minority government. Problem is that Morton is now damaged after that last joke they called a budget.

Ardvark said...

I wonder if this will compel Jim Dinning to come out of the woodwork again?

Anonymous said...

Tough to say, he might be the only one with any credibility left.

A. N. Onymous said...

Dinning? Credibility?? WTF?

Dinning may be pro-business, but he is about the biggest 'good ol' boy' around. It would take roughly two minutes after he became leader for all the old Getty style corruption to be returned in spades. I do indeed hope he runs and wins, but then again, I'm a WRA supporter:)

maryT said...

Regardless of who replaces him, liberal nor ndp will ever form a govt in AB.
As he intends to step down after the budget, what a great chance for Morton to pull a fast one and present a conservative budget.

Anonymous said...


Good call. Happy for both the PC and WRA and Alberta in general.

I say these things coming from the now "have-not" province of Ontario. Way to spend&tax us dry Dalton... a slower bleed by all marks compared to what Rae did. But painful none the less.

Anonymous said...

Dinning is a Liberal (Bay St. backed to boot) just like Stelmach and too many other so called conservatives in Alberta.That's the only way to get elected here, by pretending to be something you're not.Now it has come home to roost for old Ed because you can only carry the charade for so long.

Ardvark said...

While the PC's may get a new leader that I could support, they have lost my vote for the next election and I will need to see much more than just a new leader for them to win it back.