Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Liberals are in full campaign mode

Leader out on tour (again!) Check.  (btw how many do-overs does this guy get on 'introducing himself' to Canadians?)

Slogan/ballot question. Check.  ( Although it was blatantly stolen from Ronald Reagan, and shows that the Liberals still have no original ideas, at least give 'em credit for the attempt.)

Scare monger. ("You're going to get four more years of Stephen Harper if you vote for (NDP Leader) Jack Layton or (Bloc Quebecois Leader) Gilles Duceppe, it's that simple,") Check.

Take the low road with a couple of smears. Check.

This sure looks like a campaign to me; about the only thing missing was Ignatieff conceding defeat and pleading to the Canadian public not to give PM Harper a majority, but it is still early and the real campaign has yet to begin.

Keep your powder dry. The real show will begin soon enough.


CanadianSense said...

The Hail Mary Pass is not original or logical. The US had Jimmy Carter appeasement foreign policy tour. The domestic economy was sinking fast.

Canada has weathered the storm and leading the G7. We are not sitting on fences apologizing for our position on Israel.

Liberals don't get when they went left they lost social conservatives that were PC's.

They have been asking for NDP, Green, Bloc voters to "return" the big liberal tent.

The disconnect is Liberals have not realized why so many voting blocks left, won't return.

They actually believe their hype and roadshow is working. Showing up is not enough. The Liberals lack credibility and trust.

Their track record on Omar, Afghan detainees, Maternal Health and now UAE demonstrates their leftism.

Europe, US and Canada is centre and centre right, the Left has not clued in yet and keep blaming the corporations.

The experts in the left told us no more harsh winters. The earth was warming. Clearly they don't know the Ponzi scheme is unraveling.

maryT said...

So if one votes NDP that is a vote for PMSH, and a vote for the liberals to continue to support the PM for another 4 years, as they have for the past 5 yrs.
How come the liberals have supported this PM for 5 years if he is so bad.
Remember Dion saying that the liberals would repeal everything the PM did when they won the election. Be hard to do now with a majority of conservatives in the senate.

Calgary Junkie said...

Have the backroom Liberal brainiacs thought through their "Five Years of Harper" slogan ? Everybody with a functioning brain knows that the whole world had to deal with an unprecedented financial crisis two years ago. So it's obviously going to take some time for all the economic indicators--jobs, GDP growth, stock markets, etc--to get back to Jan. 2006 levels.

Hopefully, our msm will challenge Iggy with this kind of uncomfortable truth, during campaign scrums. Maybe also remind Iggy of his brief "Harper will wear this recession" statement from Feb. 2009. It must logically follow that Harper gets to "wear" the recovery.

But the other problem with their dumb slogan, is that, for example, during Harper's stump speeches, the crowd might chant: "Five MORE years of Harper". That should make for some heads explode within the anti-Harper universe.

Ardvark said...

They had to use the 5 year tag line since Ignatieff has ONLY been back to Canada that long.

Ardvark said...

Apologies to left wing lunatics everywhere for my use of the words 'keep your powder dry'. It was not intended to cause anyone to get out their musket and start shooting.

Jen said...

Ignatieff 'across canada tour' is strictly around Ontario and Quebec ---ooops the West apparently is not part of Canada.

During the liberal thirteen years the economy was booming so the liberals raised taxes.

During the recent recession, the PM lowered Taxes.

The LPOC and their media are truly an embarassement to Canada.

Foreign nations are looking to Canada to instill jobs here whereas BOB RAE goes overseas to embarasse our Canada instead of standing up for Canada. He truly is an embarassement.

Rich said...

Please review Bob Rae's statements in the National Post of Thurs. Jan 13/2011 and how PMSH has embarrassed Canada internationally and has a desenting opinion see Senator Colin Kenny's comments on the same matter. My Question is any one in the Liberal Party of Canada in agreement with International policies? How can anyone support the LPOC.

Rich said...

CS read your comments in AA's blog and I would like to know where is Michael Ignatieff getting his information from; he states that lower corporate taxes do not create jobs but more investment in education does. Most every economist, Canadian Chamber of Commerce the Manufacturere association all state that the lower corporate tax rates create more jobs.
How can anyone actually consider supporting this gentleman.

CanadianSense said...

Ignatieff quoted the Bank of Canada and than injected on investing in Education creates jobs.

For me Liberals are throwing many groups under the bus.

Corp tax cut is supported by many groups business.
F35/UAE is backed by Aviation Industry.

It is bizarre watching Liberals discount these lobbyists and experts in these industries who are onside for tax and government spending.