Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jeffrey Simpson: When the facts don't support you, just make stuff up.

Are there any editors at the Globe and Mail?  I have to ask because in Jeffrey Simpson's column today he manages to get away with writing something that is a complete fiction*, and not on some minor obscure fact or even on something that could be considered passable as it may skirt on the edge of truthfulness either. No, Simpson totally gets the Liberal tax policy wrong and to make matters worse he does so while claiming to be correcting the record on the subject! 

From his column today:

"Falsely, the Conservatives are insisting that the Liberals want to “raise” taxes, whereas, in fact, the Liberals propose to forgo coming corporate income tax decreases, a quite different approach from raising taxes."

To put it simply: What Simpson wrote is total bullshit

From "The Liberal Party of Canada has put forward a motion today in the House of Commons calling on the Conservative government to reverse $6 billion in tax cuts for Canada’s largest corporations back to 2010 levels in the upcoming Budget."

There are of course numerous other examples available because the (already well known) Liberal tax policy does call for raising the corporate tax rate back to pre Jan 2011 levels (which IS a tax increase) and a simple Google search or even a quick look at numerous articles from Simpson's own paper easily proves. I am not going to waste my time listing them all as there is no need to do so, but I do have to ask; 

why didn't Simpson already know the readily available facts and just how does such a blatant error make its way past the editors, who should also know or if they didn't perhaps they could check, and into 'Canada's newspaper of record'?


BTW Jeffrey, adding the words "falsely" and "in fact" to a BS story does nothing to help its credibility, it only hurts the credibility of the writer; and that sir is a fact.



* and by complete fiction I do mean a lie.


Joe said...

I can't speak for Simpson because I don't know if the nonsense he writes is a production of his own fevered imagination or if he is simply following the bosses lead. However I can say that the company he works for also owns the Liberal Party of Canada.

maryT said...

Agree with you 100%. And his readers are still living in the past and not paying attention to facts. One of them posted that among numerous things the PM has done to this country, sending our troops to Afghan was the worst. (paraphrased)
Funny, I thought it was a liberal PM who did that, without a vote in the HofC. Talk about democracy.

Alex said...

Liberals lie. That is their main policy and they lie about it too.

I'll head over to the G&M now to make some noise. There is nothing I like more than showing Simpson what an elitist moron he is.

CanadianSense said...

Ontario is going to extend their drinking hours in bars so the Liberals might find some more creative writing opportunities.

Opinion pieces in my experience don't have to rely on facts of evidence. It just their whimsical fantasy on how the world should fit in their bubble.

Ardvark said...

I get that it is an opinion piece but that does not give carte blanche to ignore the truth and make up 'facts'.

That is what really got me about this piece; Simpson tries to show that the conservatives are wrong on the LPC tax policy when it is really him who gets it all wrong. But then again I love irony.

Ardvark said...

Alex you are a braver man than I. The Globes comments are like a half way house for uber partisan lefties.

CanadianSense said...

In his piece he refers to the Liberals as a real party.

Based on the failed tours, losses of donors and dollars in 2010 what gives anyone any doubt the Liberals of Toronto are not heading for a rout Turner style?

Rob Ford ended the Liberal nonsense in 8 minutes. I imagine after the polls close in BC another dozen Liberals will be retired compliments of the Big blue machine.

Ardvark said...

There is plenty more in there to go after but I will leave that for others.

Here is a good one:
Their chief fundraiser, Senator Irving Gerstein, has just sent out another of his hilariously alarming letters asking for more cash, warning about threats almost to life itself from the other parties if they don’t pony up.

I guess he missed the daily opposition hyperbole and smears about PM Harper destroying Canada, democracy and everything that is good in the world.

Doesn't fit his narrow version of facts or his narrative I guess.

wilson said...

Many in the msm are really really not informed.
It is possible that Simpson just doesn't KNOW the facts,
and wrote what he thinks he knows as fact.
Seriously, our msm is NOT a bright bunch.

Very fitting with your 'making things up' AA, is this areticle.
CBC got called out on making things up, Ombudsman agrees with complaint.

So now what, CBC has to post a one line apology in some obscure place?

More likely, the Opps and media will rant that 'Harper made him do it' than take the blame for making things up.

Ardvark said...

Wilson, I saw that on Friday as well a the one about a comment Soloman made on Power and Politics:

I have been following the new CBC Ombudsman closely since he took over the job, it is almost like we are on a first name basis =)(an inside joke that I hope to be able to tell all soon)

Skinny said...

we could start, with "I will NOT tax income trusts".

Just to, y'know, start things off.

Ardvark said...

You got nothing on topic so you thought bringing up the 5 yr old subject of income trusts in a thread about Jeffrey Simpson and the Globe and Mail would be a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Give it a rest. The Liberals campaigned against implementing the GST. And flip flopped. They implemented the GST within a year of winning that election. I don't hear you whining about that.

Lesson learned...don't put all your eggs in one basket then whine about it after. You were all given a few years and Income Splitting.

Anonymous said...

No one is listening to Liberano$ anymore. I guess you guys support Liberals stealing from the working man ,when they used EI to balance their books? Then they went out any stole from Taxpayers pockets for their own, re the Sponsorsip scandal, funneling the cash into Quesbec Liberal riding ,re brown envelopes at Restaurante "FRANKS".Conservatives don't take lessons from Liberal corruption...Gomery said..."Liberal are the party of corruption".Canadians are awake now and turning BLUE...a hole.

Anonymous said...

All the companies were jumping on the NO TAX income trust band wagon. I guess the LIBERAL way is...they don't care if Canada goes BANKRUPT. Thats why they support Tax and spend Iggy.They don't have a clue. Chretian knew how to make money on the backs of Canadians. He cared for himself. PM Harper cares for the country.Don't kid yourself...the corrupt Liberals would of done the same thing...but POCKET the money.

Ardvark said...

Just a reminder on the comment policy:

All opinions and comments are those of the authors. This blog takes no responsibility for the comments of others nor necessarily supports those opinions expressed.

Try to keep it clean and on topic.

Skinny said...

On topic, meaning no criticisms of Harper?

I thought the topic was about a party lying about raising taxes. We currently have a government doing that very thing as pointed out. And they will, do it again. Seminar hold whatever government currently in power accountable. just as we should be wary I'd promises made by other parties.

Skinny said...

Sorry typing on a phone with auto correct often doesn't work well. It inserted "seminar" in place of "we should"

Ardvark said...

Be careful; with all of the stretching you are doing, you might hurt something.

Anonymous said...

Simpson is right and being honest.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me, there is a lot of stretching going on. Liberals POCKETING the money? What EXACTLY, does this mean? Do people actually think that by throwing stuff like this out in the air people buy this crap? Seriously? Is this the, "dougie" crowd or something?

We have a government, who has repeatedly lied, broke promises, grown government faster than I can recall another doing, growing spending at an alarming rate, and you can do, is sit and make stuff up about the liberals? Really?

Not many sane people, will disagree that the liberals are liars, spenders, etc. But to sit there in the face of a lying spendaholic government we CURRENTLY have and just excuse them? You're no better than the idiots who vote for the liberals excusing their stupidity.


As I said, Canadians need to hold our CURRENT government's feet to the fire over their lies. It may not mean rewarding the other liars with a minority, but certainly, Harper does NOT deserve a majority after what we've seen from him. That, would be insanely brainless.

Perhaps I've stepped into an area, where any sort of balance or criticism of our current government, is simply frowned upon. If so, enjoy your rose coloured glasses.

Ardvark said...

Anon @1:27 As with Simpson, saying it is true does not make it so. You can't roll back to 2010 levels without increasing taxes.

And Skinny aka anon @6:34. Is is really so hard to stay on topic?

The topic is Simpson, his article, and his proven false claim. (all pretty clear from the title alone) There was No mention at all of PM Harper, or parties lying about tax policy (Simpson did that)and while tax policy is mentioned, it was in the context of how a paid Globe and Mail columnist got it wrong.

But yet...

And BTW my re-posting the comment guidelines was NOT only for your benefit.

Anonymous said...

With regards to your comment about him writing that the Liberal party wasn't calling for a tax increase, I think that he was simply confused.

When the Liberals first came out against the corporate tax cuts, it was still 2010. A change of the calendar year made his comments incorrect.

It is a tax raise, but only by a few months. Had he written the article a few months earlier, he would have been correct.

The Conservatives will love this, because they are "technically right" about this being a tax increase, playing the Liberals off as a "tax and spend" party, but the fact of the matter is, the Liberals are not against corporate tax cuts, they are just against them right now while we're bleeding money.

In fact, the Chretien government cut corporate taxes from 28% to 22.1% in 2005, and paved the way for further cuts.

CanadianSense said...


Ignatieff did not serve is clear and he is against the GST reduction.

He was against the tax savings introduced by this Federal government but did not have the confidence to visit the Polls in January 2009 with his coalition or alone.

He is the father of the Carbon tax and felt the government should raise payroll taxes to offer a 45 day work year. He may have backed down on 2nd readings on many bills but his public position is on the record.

Those cuts to health, education and social services seem to be a thing of pride for Liberals.