Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anymore questions as to why Ted Morton walked away?

Whether it is a 3.4 billion dollar deficit or a 6.1 billion dollar deficit, the Alberta Progressive Conservatives have made a colossal mess of the finances in what was the only debt free province in the country.

Time for someone new at the helm.

And I don't mean just a new leader either.


syncrodox said...

Too little too late from Ted Morton to save his political hide, unless he's willing to serve as a WRA backbencher.

Joe said...

Teddy Bare lost my support when Special Ed was revamping the royalties. Party loyalty is one thing but when the party goes that far off the rails its time to bail.

Alex said...

Here Here! To smaller and better things.

Ardvark said...

There are no excuses when you have a huge majority and have had one for nearly 40 years.