Friday, February 18, 2011

Frank Graves: Your intellectual superior.

Pollster Frank Graves, through his Twitter account, tries to show those that commented on an article posted at The Pundits Guide that he is their intellectual superior.*

From the Twitter account of pollster Frank Graves as he replies to a question on the above mentioned article.

I am not a pollster but I am largely completley (sic) sure that 'largely completley' is really nothing at all and cannot be represented as a percentage or a number. But as I stated, I am not a pollster so I am relatively unfamiliar with the 'science' that is polling so I could be wrong.

Link to the Pundits Guide post mentioned above. (BTW a great article and discussion. Well worth the read as are most posts at the PG!)

* Normally I wouldn't call anyone out on spelling/grammar issues, as I myself have a nasty habit of messing up the English language on a regular basis, but the irony of someone calling others illiterate after they themselves made spelling errors and used a word having the exact opposite meaning of what they had intended to use was just too much to resist.  Well that and the fact that I think Frank Graves is an ass.


Anonymous said...

Frank Grave wouldn't recognize science if it hit him in his over- inflated head. He basically runs a cheap telemarketing company, yeah, big science involved there. What a moron.

maryT said...

Waiting for his next poll which will probably show the PM with -10%. Good thing we are on to him.
He has lost all credibility with conservatives, ever since his advice to start a culture war.
I would love to have a body language expert to a take on some of the people involved in the Odagate. More info is coming out daily, and when it is all out there, a lot of so called credible media people, and liberal MPs are going to look very foolish. And I hope more than a few civil servants or CIDA people are fired. Better yet, defund CIDA 100%. That might send a message to all NGO's be honest.

Ardvark said...

Frank offers his apologies.!/VoiceOfFranky/status/38600458612387840

But I am really not the one he should be apologizing to.

BTW what does 'fluent' or 'illiterate in science' mean anyway? Science is not a language.

maryT said...

Good thing we are all expecting much lower numbers with the next poll, proving they are fixed.