Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heather Mallick : yes someone pays her.

If there was any lingering doubt about the Toronto Stars leanings, may I present Heather Mallick's latest in all of its smeartastic, fear mongering glory. 

Canadian democracy Soviet style.

Related: Background on the baseless allegations her article is based on, also from the Star; some coincidence that eh!  BTW Toronto Star, repeating baseless allegations over and over again does not make them any more true.

A treasure of the left.


Jen said...

What she meant is that the MSM: T/S,CBC,CTV,G/M run their news as Soviet/Hugo Chavez style.
"Speak not against the corrupt liberals or face .....and you know what the Soviet and Hugo Chavez governments do to their media that go against them.

Jen said...

BTW, Yesterday, during the P&P with Don Martin, the ticket at the bottom of the screen reads
"Deficit is below $40billion"

CTV and CBC etc the soviet style run msm with the aid of their darker angels toronto star, with never ever utter it to the public.
Why spoil the fun watching canadians being manipulated. It serves no glory for the media.

Sue said...

No surprise that the Star has no comment section on the Heather Malice piece. She must feel empowered being added to Iggy's twitter feed finally. Qatch out Szussana, Iggy has a pattern.

Anonymous said...

Uhh., I'm confused here. Is this a compliment by a commie? (real conservative)

R. G. Harvie said...

Let me translate for those of you who make now speak Liberal:

How dare you refuse to let a buddy of Michael Ignatieff buck the rules and allow his parents jump the cue.

The rules don't apply to the well-connected.


And there's nothing wrong with attacking you, but if you attack US that would be wrong.

Blah, blah, blah.. soviet.. blah, blah.. Stalin.. blah, blah blah.