Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is harassment too strong a word?

Breaking: Elections Canada brings administrative charges against CPC.   More from Brian Lilley here. National Post here.

Elections Canada loses in court, appeals the decision (but do not yet have a decision) but decide to lay administrative charges anyway. Unbelievable.

No, harassment is not too strong a word.   Could you imagine if a crown prosecutor tried to pull something like this off while they were waiting for an appeal verdict on what is in essence the same charge(s).    I think they just might find themselves before the appeal judge on this matter shortly to explain themselves.


Previously: Conservatives win 'in and out' election financing case. (great link to Stephen Taylor)

Officially Screwed with some classic cinema on the subject.

Another case. This time Elections Canada went to court to prevent the Conservatives from returning money to the treasury.


Fay said...

Elections Canada has lost all credibility.

syncrodox said...

No. Harassment seems like the appropriate term. BTW...I wonder if Dionne, Dryden, Hall Finley, et al need more time to clear up their leadership debt?

Ardvark said...

And all this at a time when the LPC narrative against the CPC is going full speed ahead.

Bizarre timing to say the least, and I will leave it at saying the least at this time.

NeilD said...

Why is Elections Canada seemingly on this crusade?
Why is it that I yearn for this question to be asked by any of these Ottawa reporters or columnists but know in my heart that it won't be?

NeilD said...

Is it laziness?
Comfort for the status quo?
Seriously, what gives with the press these days? Why are they simply parroting the Liberal/NDP/Bloc line?
Aren't they supposed to ask questions of EVERYONE to get behind the truth of the matter?

Anonymous said...

Elections Canada officials have a lot of credibility problems when they go after the Conservatives, but ignore the other parties for doing the exact same thing.

But this should hardly surprise anyone one we witness the actions of the entrenched Liberal mob that makes up the larger part of the so called civil service.

Liz J said...

Sure it's harassment.

Why are they not going after the also-rans for the leadership of the LPC who still haven't paid up?

Seems they can't stand the fact the Conservatives have money in their coffers thanks to support from the little guys.

EC is another Liberal infested department of government

Bert said...

What The F???

Can they be anymore transparent ?.

Bec said...

I just heard on Canada AM the report that the Conservatives were being charged by EC. No context, no back story, no TRUTH just the new charges.

Wow, double wow! We are stuck in an information vacuum that is hellbent on manipulating the audience!

Calgary Junkie said...

Here's what I posted over at Full Comment:

For the record, here are the amounts still owing by Liberal leadership candidates:

Bennett, Carolyn .... $ 77,663
Bevilacqua, Maurizio 551,739
Brison, Scott ........$192,185
Dion, Stéphane .......$928,971

starting url for the search
: link

It is my understanding that, under the rules in place at the time of the Liberal leadership race, an indiviual could only make a ONE TIME contribution to a leadership candidate. So here are some amounts contributed by different individuals to a leadership contestant (doing a search on last name only)

many "Rae's" popped up, and a "Robert Keith Rae" gave $10,000 to Bob Rae's campaign

only a "Nicholas Ignatieff" gave $300 to Iggy's campaign

Stephane Dion gave nothing

Carolyn Bennett gave around $4,000 in non-monetary ($)