Monday, March 24, 2008

This week in the Battle for free speech.

Good news from the Ost front this week as Tuesday's human rights tribunal hearing in Ottawa gets set to go. I am going to be watching this one closely as a little light starts to shine into the dark recesses of the HRC and the way it does business. It is sure to be the big news throughout the blogosphere this week, and that in itself will should cause the MSM to cover it.


Warren "the decider" Kinsella gets even more pathetic.


Before I forget: for anyone attending the Heritage Front/Maclean's hearing at the CHRC in Ottawa tomorrow, I will pay $100 for a clear photo of Lemire and Steyn together, ideally shaking hands. I'll pay more for actual footage.

Given how palsy the two conservative stalwarts have become, I would imagine that none of this should be objectionable to either Mark."

Any guesses as to how he would spin such a picture on his blog?

This is all he has folks. No real arguments that can stand on their own merit, but rather weak and cheap attempts to tie those who disagree with him on free speech to somehow equate this view as support for organizations like the Heritage Front or any other neo nutball groups out there. Could this guy stoop any lower?


Christian Conservative got the pot boiling earlier tonight with his thoughts on a comment made on another blog. While I agree the 'joke' was not in good taste, and perhaps was made in reference to other events rather than as an intended slam of Warren's late father, I will always support the rights of Mr.West to make such comments. It kind of goes with the territory, just as I think Kinsella can say what he wants, even if he is wrong.

Here is what I said in a comment on CC's blog on the subject of censors.

"What makes anyone out there think that they should ever be able to arbitrate what I may or may not say, think or express? Who the (insert foul comment here) are YOU to decide that?

When Kinsella and the like who try to defend the indefensible and emulate George Bush and want to be the "decider" for what I have to say. Well than sorry, I ain't hopping on that bus as I don't trust the driver."

Coincidently the blog post by Clive was about our misguided friend Warren trying to spin World War 2 to his benefit. Hey Warren, how does that exploitation, err I mean explanation as to why Canadian men fought in WW2 explain that little declaration of war thing by Canada against Japan?


This is going to be an interesting week as the battle for free speech continues.

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Anonymous said...

Someone should photoshop a picture of Steyn and Lemire and send it in...and then Steyn can sue Warren for defamation and libel when Warren gets all self-righteous about it.

Warren should be very careful asking for people to send in pictures these days....