Monday, March 03, 2008

It's a Scandal!!

Liberal Strategy 101: When you got nothing else, or you need to take the eyes of the nation away from internal Liberal woes, cry scandal.

Cadscam is just another such example. This story is still developing and I will update as more facts come up, but are there any takers on how this one will turn out?

No, I do not claim to have the spooky Kreskin like powers of Rick Mercer and know the future, but it feels like I have seen this movie before. In fact I think I have seen this same plot line many times over the last 2 years in MSM/LPC productions.

A short history of Liberals crying scandal with related items.

Day 1, Feb 2006.
The original scandal as Emerson crosses. Some facts, and the end result.

Oct 2006.
Libs go after Darrel Reid, Rona Ambrose's chief of staff. End result, eating crow

Feb 2007. A short break from crying scandal but ramping up on the rhetoric and The Campaign of Fear™.

March 2007.
Dion promises to take the high road. Results, still unfolding...

The Big Box Scandal. So good the Liberals called out the cameras. Video here. Time line and end result.

April 2007.
Afghan Prisoners, part 1 of many. Result and some background. Related on the mission itself.

May 2007.
The Harper Hockey scandal. Result, Denis Coderre shines.

Oct 2007.
In and Out or "by far, the largest political scandal in Canadian history." Related info and why the story went nowhere.

Nov2007 until present.
Mulroney-Schreiber, or the little scandal that couldn't. But the LPC are still trying. Related, this should be a much bigger story than it is, but in Liberal Land talking about killing someone is not as bad as slurring an ex girl friend.

Dec 2007.
James Moore's laptop porn scandal. Result, after some initial confusion we get apologies.

Feb 2008, a very busy month for scandal and smear.
Porn redux. Result, Cherniak looks foolish yet again.

The Facebook Scandal. This is so bad a retraction and apology was issued by Cherniak.

Not a complete list, but I think you can see the theme quite clearly which brings us back to present day March 2008.
Cadscam. Result = (place your bets*)

*Non monetary cyber bets of course; don't want to start a scandal by using the blog for illegal gambling.


Alberta Girl said...

Not only to hide their woes, but perhaps to take the focus off the upcoming Schwinigate-scam - which we all know, since Liberals are involved - has the capacity to become a TRUE scandal!

Perhaps they want to pull the plug, have an election, BEFORE all the juicy details become public because they know that when they do the Liberals will NEVER win another election.

Justin Socie said...

You got it, good buddy! A Conservative candidate accuses her own party of criminal behaviour, and the liberals want to pretend that it's some kind of scandal? Nothing to see here, folks!

Ardvark said...

When the RCMP are finished with their investigation the Liberals are going to be looking might foolish.