Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rick Mercer, modern day political Nostradamus.

Rick Mercer must be some kind of seer of the Canadian political scene, and frankly his Nostradamus like powers scare me.


It is the only logical explanation, otherwise how could the second segment from The Rick Mercer Report that aired earlier tonight on the CBC possibly be explained?

Sometime recently he had the "vision", perhaps while he was in the centrifuge or perhaps it was in a dream, but at some point Rick Mercer foresaw the future. Then he rented a choir, some acrobats, a couple of unicycle riding jugglers, procured some low budget but flashy pyrotechnic devices, rehearsed what by Canadian television standards would have to be called an extravagant musical number, filmed it all, did the editing and still managed to get it to air the same day as the Federal Budget comes out.

How did he know Dion would again cave? I mean with Liberal MPs, all of of the bloggers who thought otherwise, , and MSM pundits thinking an election was near; how could Rick Mercer know this in advance? And will he promise to only use this power for good and not evil? That my friends is the real question.

I think after I call CSIS, I am going to line my walls with tinfoil and hope Rick Mercer doesn't mind being exposed.


Update: Thanks to Christian Conservative for finding this on YouTube


Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol! I thought the same thing when I saw the clip. It was hilarious!

rabbit said...

Mercer probably looked at the Liberal party finances and said "they ain't going into an election any time soon."

Jim said...

Come on, who is kidding who? The entire country knew the Libs would support the budget!

It was one of the funniest bits Mercer has ever done! Priceless!

Ardvark said...

But the Liberals said......