Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Advice for Warren Kinsella

Warren, some friendly advice from a fellow blogger: If you happen to get an email from a Nigerian Prince asking for your help to pay some fees so he can access his multi million dollar fortune, a large portion of which he is willing to share with you; hit the delete key, because it is a scam.

After what happened earlier this week, I thought you could use the tip.



Archie said...

You could almost same the same thing about the Liberal party fund raisers.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot in common with the Nigerian 419 scams and what happened with Warren K. Both rely heavily on the greed of the victim to outweigh their common sense in order to perpetrate the fraud.

With 419 scams it is easy money that is the driving force, with Warren it was his own ego and desperation to find anything that supports his misguided opinion on free speech that caused him to ignore the obvious and fall victim to the greatest prank in Canadian blogging history.

Anonymous said...

Keep equivocating, you hypocritical losers.

Please imagine that the joke had gone the other way, and tell me you would care who was the recipient or under what circumstances they took it. You would not. The only thing that would matter is that someone disrespected the memory of 6M dead in order to take a crack at someone else.

It's shameful, and so are you.

Anonymous said...

Nice faux outrage.

What joke? Did someone write something that was intended to be funny? If they did I missed it.

An email was sent with a picture,and WK ran with it. For a so called professional he didn't do even the most basic of fact checking because HE wanted to use it for his advantage. Had WK not posted the image, the matter would have never come to light; but HE did and now he wears it.

Ardvark said...

Anon#1, I had to Google what a 419 scam (another tip to Warren, Google is your friend), but you are correct that the 419, and the email to Kinsella both require the mark to be an active participant in the scam.

Anon#2: I really wouldn't care who the recipient was. If they are too stupid to do the research, they deserve what they get for their OWN actions or lack thereof.

What I find mildly amusing though, is that this entire subject is based on some strange idea that people have a right not to be offended. Ezra offended some people and he has been hauled before the AHRC, and now lefties everywhere are saying no one can discuss/talk/joke/or even send fake pictures that might relate to the Holocaust because it could offend someone.

Sorry but the right not to be offended does not exist, even on such a sensitive subject.

Anon#3 I agree, Kinsella did not do his homework, or even crack a book to do research on the picture. If anyone was trying to gain an advantage with the picture for their own benefit it was WK.

Take note of this email from Kinsella posted at No Libs. Even when made aware that the picture could be fake, WK ignores it completely, and even tries to use the notice that the picture was fake for his own advantage/leverage. This for me, sums up what WK was trying to do.

—– Original Message —–
From: wkinsella@hotmail.com
To: “Eitan” eitan@terleski7.com
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2008 5:18 PM
Subject: Dear sir

It will probably not surprise you, but it still shocked me to see a B.C.
lawyer, Jay Currie, suggest on his web site that the photograph you sent
to me was faked. I do not know if this man is a Holocaust denier, but I
know from past experience that he is choked with hate. Similar comments
are being made on a site called “Small Dead Animals,” but anonymously.

I apologize to you that your suffering is being mocked in this way. If you
would like me to take down your email and the photograph you sent me,
please let me know.


Warren Kinsella

PS - The link is here: http://jaycurrie.info-syn.com/pownd/
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Joe said...

I keep hearing "What would happen if the situation were reversed".

It got me to thinking what would have happened if I were to receive a picture of numbers on a forearm with the words "I don't share this with many." "It speaks for itself".

I would not associate it with the Holocaust. The few pictures I have seen of the Holocaust tatoos don't look like that and because the Holocaust has so faded as a top of mind event that my first thought would have been "Some nut sent me a picture", and I would have deleted it.

Some might say that I never was sensitized to the Holocaust but I don't think that is true. I used to have long talks with my uncles who liberated several Nazi camps and slave farms. In times past I read about the practices of the Nazis including their use of tattoos. Those readings included actual pictures of the tattoos.

So why do I think WK who is younger than I associate the picture with the handi work of Nazis? Because WK is using said handi work to advance his political cause. WK wants to curtail freespeech in Canada and the Nazis provide a suffiently evil boogey man to scare people into limiting free speech in Canadian democracy.

As a proud Canadian I refuse to let anyone use the Holocaust to limit what I say.