Friday, February 15, 2008

Private Members Bill C-423

Here is another reason why I continue to support my Member of Parliament, Mike Lake. His private members Bill C-423, an Act to amend the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

In a nut shell Bill C-423 will use a carrot by adding a ‘referral to substance abuse treatment’ to the current list of extrajudicial measures available to police officers when dealing with young persons, particularly first-time offenders accused of committing non-violent offenses, and a stick because if a young person referred to a treatment program does not complete it, the police officer may initiate judicial proceedings.

In my opinion Mikes bill is well balanced change to the current act that will not only give the police more options when dealing with young offenders who may have substance abuse issues, but will give the young offender an opportunity to help themselves.

So far the Bill has received support from members from all sides of the House, and currently is awaiting its turn before the Justice Commitee.

You can read some of the debate on Bill C-423 here.


Gayle said...

It is a great idea, but I was wondering if Mr. Lake is also going to fund this treatment.

AADAC is an overfunded ineffective body. In order to access residential substance abuse treatment you either have to be rich or in a position to wait for weeks for a placement.

I certainly support the motion, but I would also like the government to put up the money.

Ardvark said...

I would think this type of thing would fall under Provincial responsibility the same as youth detention does now.

If the program(s) work, this could actually save the taxpayer money in the long term.

Gayle said...

The feds give the provinces cash to fund the youth detention centres.

It will only save us money if there are actual treatment facilities to access. Otherwise it sets the youth up to fail by creating conditions the youth cannot possibly meet.

I just wish politicians would do more than point their fingers and kids and tell them to "get better".