Sunday, March 30, 2008

CTV: Dion's advisers want Ignatieff demoted.

Some of Stephane Dion's top advisers are planning to press the Liberal leader in the coming days to dump Michael Ignatieff as deputy leader, CTV News has learned..... (read the rest here or watch video clip here)

All of this and now with Bob Rae about to get a seat somewhere on the Liberal front bench, I am sure we can expect it to be an interesting week.


Update: The week starts with with Dion replacing defence critic Denis Coderre, a known supporter of Iggy during the leadership campaign, with Bryon Wilfert.


Babylonian said...

Forgive me Mr. Ardvark.........I thought this was some April fools joke, but it is not here yet.

This has Bob Rae written all over it. I wouldn't worry about Ignatieff, if he split, I could guarantee that 75% of the party would join him.

The nightmares don't end for this party.

Lycan Stark said...

And Coderre is the latest victim. I'm sure the Quebec Liberals will love that.

Ardvark said...

Mr. Ardvark lol. The troubles are just beginning for Stephane, having another credible leadership candidate sitting beside him on the front bench is just going to magnify his leadership woes.

Lycan, the Coderre news was nice to wake up to this morning. Post updated.

Anonymous said...

Bob Rae's dirty hands are all over this. There would be a revolt the likes of which has never been seen if Ignatieff is removed from his post.
Rae will stop at NOTHING! Quebec is only verbalizing what Liberals elsewhere are thinking.
Rae=another mess ONTARIO REMEMBERS!!