Thursday, March 06, 2008

The PM's secret and other such oddities from yesterday.


I see that there is breaking news that the PM Harper may be influencing the Democratic nomination. Unfreaking believable! I mean if it was to sabotage Obama, the only possible conclusion would be that PM Harper is keeping a dirty little secret. He is a Hillary supporter.

Come clean Mr.Harper, and reveal your secret agenda. Are you indeed a Hillary supporter, and when did you know it? Also why, after so clearly leaning towards Edwards early on, have you decided to switch teams now? The Canadian public supports honesty, time to be honest with the Canadian public sir.

The day gets more strange as after discovering that my PM supports Hillary Clinton, I then learn that my Conservative MP supports Jack Layton. From The Phantom Observer "Does Mike Lake support the NDP" When will this madness end!!


Oddities of science from Global TV reporter Mike Drolet as he told us on the Global National News of March 5, 2008 that "..there is still six weeks left until spring", also noting near the end of his story that "..with more than a month left of winter chances are good we are not out of the woods yet."

Hmm, maybe something has changed but.....

Link to the Global story : note link is time sensitive. Story titled "Stormy Weather"


And some political oddness as Jack Layton tables the NDP non confidence motion . Why the NDP want to force Canadians into an election at a time their numbers bleed makes little sense, but I think Jack is putting the heat to Dion with this motion. Anyone with any type of political instinct should see that, but it is the Liberals we are talking about here.

Still on the motion(s)

Have you read some of this stuff in the motions?

.. this government’s budgetary policies have been marked by an unbalanced approach of corporate giveaways to the big banks and big polluters and have failed to address the priorities ordinary Canadians care about, such as health care, housing, infrastructure, manufacturing and forestry, climate change, child care, Aboriginals, women, seniors, poverty..

..this government has failed to introduce policies which will diminish the inequality between men and women, in particular by its refusal to provide adequate resources and policies governing child care; legal assistance; long-term care; home care; health care; support for women's equality seeking groups; support for seniors; support for Aboriginal and minority women; pay equity; reform of employment insurance; support for preventing violence against women; public housing and transportation and other services so vital to the hard working women of this country.

It is nice to know that I can always count on Jack Layton to bring me back to reality from such a day of strange happenings. I can always count on the fact that Jack Layton is and will always be a socialist.


Latest update: Huh? The Liberals have a non confidence motion of their own against the Bloc and NDP! Dion seems to have lost it completely.

I haven't seen anyone comment on this yet on Liblogs, but I await the attempt to spin this as Dion somehow showing leadership. Good luck with that one btw.

Some comments on the motion from our liberal friends at liblogs. If this is any indication of how the devoted feel, Stephane and his impotent leadership is in even more trouble than many think.


Anonymous said...

During Question Period lately, Layton has been going after Harper on the leak of Obama/Ohio comments, I wonder why Layton suddenly cares so much about Americans, I mean he slams them every chance he gets. Why the sudden concern?

Anonymous said...

Haha, so Harper is really an Edwards man is he. You had me going for a second there.

Ardvark said...

Jack was on CNN earlier tonight with Lou Dobbs discussing the NAFTA agreement.
They seemed to hold the same opinion on the subject strangely enough.

Oh ya, the PM is a big Edwards supporter, but now all signs point to him being pro Hillary.

Ok maybe not, but it makes about as much sense as spinning this that the PM was purposely trying to influence any aspect of the US election process for someone else's benefit. Contrary to some opinions you don't reach the office of PM by not knowing the 'rules',and not getting involved in American elections is one of those basic rules all PMs know, as is not picking sides in the Greycup game.