Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Zytaruk wrong. There was only 1 meeting.

Statement from Mr. Dan Wallace (Chuck Cadman's assistant)


March 2, 2008

Today Mr. Wallace issued the following statement:

“The May meeting date included in a soon to be released book about Chuck Cadman is inaccurate. Unfortunately, because of that error, some media are now reporting that there were two meetings, one on May 17 and another on May 19, 2005, between party officials - Doug Finley and Tom Flanagan - and Chuck Cadman. For the record, there was only the one meeting between my former employer, Chuck Cadman, with Doug Finley and Tom Flanagan and it took place in his private office on May 19th. As I have stated publicly last week, I was outside that room and not privy to the details.”


Alberta Girl said...

Good for these people actually coming out and setting the record straight. I am sure it will NOT stop the left from their constant screaming or the MSM like Don MArtin demanding "Answer the Damned Question".

Nice Don - did you demand that of the Liberals when they were caught bribing Grewal or Belinda with a cabinet post.

Didn't think so....

wilson said...

There was only one meeting, attended by Finley and Flanagan that PMSH and Mr. Wallace were aware of, the May 19th meeting.

The May 17th meeting, written about in the bio, was the meeting where the alleged bribe was offered by 2 persons
'calling themselves Conservatives' , that Chuck threw out of his office, and did not name. (wonder if he knew who they were?)

Anonymous said...

Anyone believe that is the only thing the author got wrong?
I am sure the Conservative braintrust is poring over it eaven as we speak.