Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cherniak channels JFK

Shorter Jason Cherniak: Ask not what the Liberal Party have done for you, ask what you have done for the Liberal Party.

Jason wants Libloggers to tow the party line and thinks that all of this whining is not good for the Liberal party, not that anyone is really paying attention mind you, but if they are, this is not helping.

Some select quotes:

"Liberals in Ottawa tell us we're not ready for an election yet. What does that mean? Nobody except the decision makers can be sure. However, as I argued yesterday, I don't think that should matter to a grassroots Liberal."

"Liberal bloggers need to add one more question to that mix. Is your blog helping the cause or hurting it? If you want an election, are you more likely to get it by complaining in public? Or are you more likely to get it by showing your support for St├ęphane Dion?"

"The media have reported often enough that Mr. Dion wants an election, so why not support his apparent preference? First and foremost, has Mr. Dion ever said that he wants an election? Or is the media basing their reports on anonymous sources who might have ulterior motives?"

and lastly he has this little gem to finish his post with. "If you want an election, then do what you can to help make our party ready. Don't moan and whine while you sit at home on your computer. That simply isn't helping."

Ouch, I think there may be a lot of hurt feelings in parents basements all over Canada from that last comment.

Update: at least 1 Liblogger has called it quits while some others are speaking out on the idea of towing the line for Dion.


Neo Conservative said...

now that's really strange... that's not what he says here...

"You know what? I'm sick of them. I'm sick of their tactics. I'm sick of their stupidity."

"I'm sick of their inability to do their jobs."


Reid said...

What??? The leftbot Liberals don't want Canadians to freely speak their minds? Quelle Surprise!

Babylonian said...

It should get really interesting once Bob Rae joins the flock, it will be a more viewable version of the sheep guiding the shepheard, and there is the oddball goat in the party............Ignatieff. Their party has become a breathing Canadian Soap-opera. Canadian politics rocks!

Dave Hodson said...

"Liberal bloggers need to add one more question to that mix. Is your blog helping the cause or hurting it?"

The Cause?

And Jason gives us more insight into how Liberals think. They're after one goal, and that goal is to win power. No principles or desired set of policies for the country; just power.

I blog to express a personal opinion, and I support a certain set of conservative principles. My blog isn't there to simply spread propaganda in support of the Conservative party, the way Jason supports the Liberals at all costs. It's a pity that Jason and Liberals like him don't have a real cause to support or belief to follow.

Go Team!