Monday, June 19, 2006

Official notice

Edmonton will be closed today from the hours of 6:00 pm until approx 10:00 pm for game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Thank you for your co-operation, and go Oilers!!!

Update: The city has now returned to normal operations, thank you.

Although I cannot say I am happy with the results from game 7, I can say that I am proud of what the Oilers have done in this years playoff run. About the only thing that was missing from this incredible story was a fairytale ending as the Hurricanes stepped up and wrote a different ending by being the better team.

The Oilers barely made the playoffs and were not given much of a chance of advancing far by anyone but their own, loyal unto the end supporters, yet they showed talent and true character by keeping the dream alive up until the final minutes of game 7.

Good job, and on behalf of hockey fans everywhere I thank you for making this years playoffs very entertaining.


Sean said...

I was going to say that it'll be closed down for an extra day when the Oilers lose and fans burn down half the city, but they'll burn down half the city even if you win!

Which you won't! GO CANES!

Love, Calgary.

Anonymous said...

^^ But he's not bitter.....

Best of luck to the Oilers, make us proud.

Ardvark said...

Losing sucks; we are not as used to that feeling up here as they are in Calgary, but we will be OK.