Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hello, this is reality calling........wake up!

I was away from all things electric for a few days and have yet to comment on the foiled terror attacks this past weekend.

My first thoughts were of the good job that the various law enforcement agencies did on this matter. It is hard to quantify the possible effects of what could have been had these clowns managed to succeed in their plans; property damage can be costed but not the effects of the unknown number of lives saved. Thank you.

So much has been blogged on the subject that it will take me some time before I can view what others are saying on all sides of the political spectrum, and I can comment more, but I will leave you with another of my initial thoughts.

Is this the wake up call or do we have to wait for one of these groups to succeed before we end all the political correct bullshit and confront the problem

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