Thursday, June 22, 2006

Interesting politics

I am not sure what the NDP were trying to do with their motion, in the Commons environment committee, which called for the resignation of Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. While the real reasons remain a mystery, it sure made for some interesting politics.

The NDP do not like Rona, we all get it, but a committee is not the place to decide who should be in cabinet, nor is it the place to play 'rate the minister'. No matter who is in government, some or dare I say most of the opposition are not going to be happy with the choice of cabinet ministers or agree with all of the governments policy. This is a given fact, so this motion was a joke and I am happy that Prime Minister Harper put a stop to the games by making the issue a confidence motion and that the Liberals came on side.

I am having a hard time believing that the NDP thought that this motion would succeed, which begs the question: Were the NDP really after Rona or were they trying to smoke out the Liberals into publicly supporting the government?

After the shots that the Liberals have taken at the NDP this week in question period it wouldn't surprise me that this might have been the intention all along. It would however surprise me if Stephen Harper and Jack Layton cooked this one up in a hotel room somewhere to screw the Liberals; but i figured I will just throw that one out there for the foil hat folks to ponder.

The spin on this has been entertaining to watch so far with the Liberals claiming that it was not because they are leaderless and do not want an election that they supported the
government, as well as the old tired accusations of it is the other guy who is in bed with the government. I get so confused with who is "in bed" with the CPC thing. The Libs say the NDP are in bed because they helped send the Martin government to the history books, the NDP say the Liberals are as they supporting Rona Ambrose, and both of them say the Bloc are because they were going to support the budget, but yet neither the Libs or the NDP voted against it.

Maybe it is time for a bigger bed.


gimbol said...

Why did the NDP do this?

So they can use it to show the liberals as being hypocritical.

All the criticism against Ambrose is that she is cancelling those liberal eviromental programs. Now when the liberals have a chance to stop it, they wimp out.

Lets the NPD lay claim to the "progressive" moniker.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The opposition is taking turns trying to do some political posturing. None of them want another election right now. It's all about optics.

Ardvark said...

The Liberals are in total disarray, and are getting it from all sides. The smell of blood in the water has gotten a rise out of the NDP.