Friday, June 16, 2006

June 15th thoughts

No reply yet from Elections Canada to my question, so it looks like I have to wait until Tuesday when I get a few hours to play phone tag with the bureaucracy known as the federal government before I can get what I need.

The Oilers have forced a game 6 and Carolina are strating to look a bit worse for wear. I do not think they look forward to seeing Torres again this Saturday night at Rexall., muhahahahaha (evil laugh)

One game at a time guys, it can be done.

Can someone explain to me why the GG couldn't attend the birthday celebrations for her boss? This is not cool on so many levels.

A few links HERE and HERE on our future if we keep going as we are. We have one advantage on our side on this subject; we can watch what is happening in Europe now and see what we are in store for if we don't wake up.

Edmonton city council are looking at giving themselves a wage and benefit increase, and of course they have an independant report that states they should have the increase, a report that supports their position is always convenient isn't it. From where I sit my taxes have gone up every year that I can remember, and I have my doubts that this raise is deserved when looking at some of the stuff my money has been spent on, but they have a study so it can be justified to the masses.

It is always entertaining watching how anyone justifies giving themselves a raise, and Ward 1 Councillor Linda Sloan made me laugh tonight with something she said on the local news. She pointed out that she could make more money working as a Registered Nurse than she does on council based on the number of hours she puts in. Holy crap!! You didn't know what kind of salary you would be making on council before you left the critically short staffed nursing profession for a career in politics? Oh hang on, you were a Liberal MLA before running for council, so why the comparison to what an RN makes when you could compare yourself to a MLA. Apples and oranges Linda, and if it is that important that your hourly wage be higher perhaps you can go back to hands on nursing care where that high wage is not only justified, but earned with hard work by nurses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year all over this province. With you being a former leader of a nurses union, I am surprised you would do this unless somehow you think councillors work harder than your average RN?

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