Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The enemy within

On CBC earlier tonight The National had a segment entitled "The Enemy Within". It dealt with what Britain and Holland are doing about the 'Islamic threat' and how multiculturalism has failed as a policy; all from the perspective of a Canadian and our 'views' on the subject. I figured it was going to be a fluff piece or a slam so I figured I would raise my blood pressure and watch it.

Was I surprised. Yes Mark Kelley went in with all the 'liberal/Canadian' values you could expect from a CBC correspondent and he was upfront about it, even throwing out all the cliche's about how Canadians think multiculturalism is above reproach, and to be against it would be racist. From what I just wrote you might figure how the report would have progressed, but much to my surprise it was a very well done piece about how the situation in Europe is forcing changes in opinion on multicuturalism, integration and immigration policy.

The part that I found interesting was that our Canadian values, many of which were borrowed from Europe, were the same values that many of those interviewed once held, but the reality of what we see in all of our daily papers has made some of the most tolerant people on earth change their views on multiculturalism. Dutch MP Geert Wilders did a good job of summing it up nicely after being told that they have racist policies and that he has lost his tolerance; 'if we want to keep our tolerance...after decades of ignorant policy....we should learn to be intolerant to the intolerant, and if we do that we can keep our tolerance.'

This sounds like great advice that I am sure will be called racist by the left, you know the ones that would be the first to lose rights under Islamic law but yet support the terror from within, but if the Islamists can do this to the very tolerant Dutch peoples opinions, it deserves a re-think while we still have the chance.

Here is a link that I think will disappear tomorrow. I anyone can find a more permanent link it would be appreciated.



TrustOnlyMulder said...

I saw this piece last night and taped part of it this morning. I was also surprised at what is going on in England and the Netherlands. I had just watched the CTV 11pm news (at 10) on newsnet and flipped past the CBC and stopped for a minute to get angry at them as I usually do at 1030pm, but this story had me mesmerized.

It's funny because Lowell Green on CFRA was just talking about whether or not multiculturalism is just not working on his morning radio show yesterday.

I think the arrest of the Toronto 17 is starting to open up new discussions on our open policy.

I'm glad someone else caught that story.

Ardvark said...

A few others have made comments (mostly negative)in the blogs about the CBC story, and how Mr.Kelley was stating his leftist views, but it was his differing views that made the story IMHO.

Those he interviewed looked him in the eye and told him that they used to agree with him but the cold reality they face trumps idealism. Even the Dutch MP goes so far as to apologise if Mr.Kelley was shocked by his views,which may make him the post polite "racist" I have ever seen and only helps prove that it is not racism that is promting this change in thinking, but survival.

TrustOnlyMulder said...

Good points Ardvark. I think Kelley was hoping they would all look like raving lunatics. Even the kids with beer in the UK weren't so bad, although they probably were the most radical ones he had on.

The Dutch politician was frank in saying (and I paraphrase). "You Canadians have no clue how bad it is going to get"