Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A question for Alberta PC supporters.

Actually this may turn out to be more than one question over the next little while but for today I would like to ask the PCAA supporters who read this blog a question. Of course others are also welcome to add their 2 cents as well.

What was the last thing that Alberta's PC government has done, legislation wise, that you would consider to be 'conservative'? 

I have a long list of things that this government has done that nobody in their right mind would consider as being conservative but that will have to wait as now it is your turn to give examples of conservative legislation or policy from our government.

The comments are open.


hatrock said...

Great question, and one that should be hammered into federal Alberta Conservatives daily!

The federal party has been passing conservative policy (and repealing liberal ones) in Parliament, on a constant basis.

I bet you that this year Premier Mom will raise the drinking age to 19, and make ski helmets mandatory.

maryT said...

No conservative legislation has been passed in Alberta since non conservatives bought memberships to elect Stelmach.
The only thing that can improve them would be to discontinue the selling of memberships at the polling stations.
Federal Liberals will learn this lesson when they elect Bob Rae as leader.

Joe said...

I suppose that Ralf's No Deficit legislation is the last one I can remember...not that it kept the liberal Special Ed and his frenetic followers from running up a deficit.

Anonymous said...

Less progressive, more conservative please.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Alberta's first (ELECTED) female premier, Danielle Smith!

Anonymous said...

Ralph Klein standing shoulder to shoulder with wheat farmers fighting for their freedom from the Canadian Wheat Board.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Klein was no conservative. In the 90's when Preston Manning was pushing recall of politicians and anti-abortion legislation Klein was refusing to implement it. Stephen Harper pushed the firewall letter ideas and Klein told him to pound sand. (that's why Klein was shockingly left out of the Order of Canada).

The PC Party occupies the liberal part of the political spectrum and always has. The PC Party has been excellent at encouraging hate of liberals while actually legislating like liberals. Like Harper does now. It is funny that only now you realize you have been had.

Anonymous said...

1. Bill 44 in 2009, enshrining parents' rights to choose the morality they teach to their children (not unions)
2. Bill 26 this year, cracking down on drunk driving criminals.
3. Rejecting the Calgary Police Chief's ridiculous idea to raise the drinking age to 19.
4. Rejecting the stupid idea of MLA recall - Alberta tried it before and it didn't work.
5. Bringing in civil forfeiture legislation (thanks to Redford when she was justice minister) which seizes proceeds of crime.
6. Putting 300 more cops on the street (again by Redford)
7. Fighting the federal government in the courts when they tried to take away our securities commission.

And the list goes on.

Ardvark said...

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment; you are the real 1%.

Its true, well true if my page view stats are accurate.

I will leave this open for a while yet before I comment on the answer to my own question.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the Alberta government also provides school choice and funds private schools despite calls from the left to end it. Also Alberta has the only flat tax in North America.

Oh and don't forget the major tax reduction in 2009 when health premiums were abolished. This is a true conservative government that deserves to be re-elected.

Ardvark said...

What I find interesting is that, aside from the PCAA staffer er anon commenter, that everyone had a difficult time coming up with an answer. Very telling IMHO.

Now my pcca anon friend:I asked for the LAST thing and according to your list that would be Bill 26. Interesting that you would consider something as un-conservative as that nonsense as being conservative, but it goes to show how far Redford's supporters are willing to go to overlook and spin reality in support of her. As for most of the rest of your list, other than Bill 44 (which Redford has said she would review. How conservative of her) little of that could be considered conservative.