Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A few thoughts on Outremont

This result is not really a surprise to anyone but a few deluded Liberals who thought everyone else was wrong and they would pull it off in the end.

How can some claim that the Bloc losing support is an ominous sign for their future, but the Liberals losing support is just some kind of weird anomaly?

BTW, Thank you PM Harper for setting the conditions for the demise of the Bloc.

Hey Stephane, do you still think the fiscal imbalance never really existed in the minds of Quebecois?

How can Dion not be blamed for this as he hand picked the candidate and parachuted him into the riding? The same thing he wants to do to women all over Canada against every principle of grass roots democracy; all because it is the 'pc' thing to do and he thinks he knows better.

Would J. Trudeau have faired better? Or perhaps another candidate chosen by the local Libs?

Does anyone else think that the Liberals are going to find a way to like the next thrown speech a lot more now?

It is a good thing that Lizzy didn't pull the Green Party candidate, or else the NDP would have only won by 16 percent instead of nearly 20.

How do some Liberals figure that bad mouthing Iggy and using him as a scapegoat will make him more of a team player?

And while I am on the subject of Iggy, I wonder if he favours the Ginsu over the trusty butcher knife? Only time will tell.

The media smells blood, and that blood is Dion's. This story is not going to die and will linger much longer than any Liberal would like it to; all due to the MSM.

Does anyone else think that somewhere out there Frank McKenna and John Manley are laughing hysterically right now?


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