Friday, September 21, 2007

It isn't paranoia if 'they' really are out to get you.

I was trying to guess what poor Stephane Dion must be thinking about since the disastrous showing by the Liberals in the vote this past Monday. It really was not that hard to do, even with me being a non academic and all, because after about 1 minute I realized that there are very few people that he can trust inside his own party.

The poor guy; he has Liberals who want him gone now, he has a few Liberals that will stick with him to an election, but a large portion of this group will be pushing for an election quickly just to get rid of him, and of course a small group of Liberals who really believe in Dion as leader. But how does he really know who to trust, or even whose advice he should listen to amongst the high paid help that surrounds him, many of whom were likely supporting a different candidate at the LPC convention last year? It is not like he ever has been Mr. Popularity among Liberals to begin with, and with what happened on Monday, it will take more than wishful thinking or even an Extreme Makeover Ottawa edition to help with the problems in the LPC, and of course with the perceptions of the Canadian voter who is watching this mess unfold.

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