Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Quebec Liberal 'Star' Candidate says no to Dion

This kind of sums up the week for the leaderless LPC.

"Paul Leduc, a three-term mayor of a large Montreal suburb, says that he's changed his mind about running for the Liberals and that one of the party's household names provided him with phone numbers for journalists and urged him to go public with his story." Source .

Not only are potential stars walking and or running away from Dion, they are being encouraged to go to the Canadian media with it!

Those knives that many have been secretly sharpening over the last 20 months are out big time as everybody in the country watches. Canadians get to see the leadership of Dion and the mess his party is in. Quebec is almost in open revolt, and even amongst the die hard loyalists, there is trouble as Libloggers are openly calling for Dion to step down, and others call for him to fire his long time advisor Jamie Carrol. All this and much more will be brought to the Canadian people by the MSM, who enjoy the smell of political blood even more than they enjoy tormenting the conservatives.

Makes you wonder why so many Liberals want a fall election? Or does it?


And in the meantime PM Harper continues to demonstrate to Canadians just who the better leader is.

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hunter said...

They are dropping like flies, or is that fleas? Looks good on them. I commented to my office mate that I felt sorry for Dion, she bluntly said, DON'T. Guess that summed it up nicely.